Utternik Review – Voice Your Opinion For Apps, Movies, Restaurants, Music, and More

Utternik Business Trends

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In the competitive world of technology, it is always hard to choose a best restaurant to have dinner tonight. Each time we need to find a best restaurant to have dinner. Whenever it comes to... more

Earn Money App – 100% Trusted – Facebook Research Program

Earn Money App Facebook Research Program from Applause

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Internet is vast and is often considered as a power tool to grab customers from all over the world. Most of the unemployed today mostly search for a way to earn online so that they can manage daily... more

Replace Two Spaces with One Space [Keyboard Fix]

Replace Two spaces with One Space

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I recently bought a gaming keyboard that was expensive. The keyboard looked great and everyone who sees my keyboard starts loving my keyboard. In spite of the cosmetic looks and features of the... more

[SOLVED] SQL Developer 502 Host Not Resolvable – REST Data Services Won’t Connect

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Recently, I posted about how to create RESTful services using ORDS right from SQL Developer. Most of the users have reported me that they are facing 502 Host not resolved problem while connecting to... more

Create RESTful API using Oracle Database [ORDS]

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Oracle database is still the most powerful database in the market used by most of the big giants due to its scalability and performance. One of the most notable thing in Oracle database is that it is... more

Mac-like Swipe Back and Forward Touchpad on Browser for Windows

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If you have come from a Macintosh, you should have been really used the two-finger swipe back and forwards in web browser. After switching to a Windows PC, it is a hard thing to easily navigate... more

How To: Install Oracle Application Express 4.0 on Virtual Box

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Oracle Application Express is a rapid web development platform that provides you necessary tools to build web applications at a high rate. They are powerful and easy-to-use platform that provides you... more

How To: Install Oracle Linux on DigitalOcean Droplet

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Oracle Linux is one of the most powerful Linux flavors and it offers a full-fledged convenient platform to install every Oracle products. There is a misconception that we need to invest a lot in... more

How To: Execute C++ Program using PHP

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C++ is the best performing programming language that was created by Bjarne Stroustrup in earlier days and the modern programming languages are finding it hard to compete with C++ even today. It is... more

JSONBin: Set up A Quick Back-End for Your Application

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Are you developing a micro or mini-application that needs a back-end to store data? For the back-end, one might go for BaaS services but what if you just need to store few kilobytes of data and you... more