Purchasing iPhone on Amazon or Flipkart – 3 Things to Check

Purchasing iPhone on Amazon

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If you are from India, you might have seen a great sale on Amazon, Flipkart and PayTm Mall. The iPhone and other Apple products' price were drastically low and the bank offers which provided... more

Undo Sent Messages on Messenger

Undo Sent Messages On Messenger

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While most of the messenger has the ability to undo sent messages, Messenger is yet to have this feature. Now you cannot undo sent messages on Messenger, however, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has this... more

Is Your Facebook Hacked? A Major Security Breach

Facebook Security

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A major Facebook security breach has taken place recently and more than 50 million Facebook accounts have been affected. If you are among one of them, then it is easy to find if your Facebook hacked... more

MacBook Not Charging? 3 Methods To Fix

MagSafe 2 Charger - MacBook not Charging

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Is your MacBook not charging, or is it charging only if you adjust your MagSafe charger? This means that either the port or the charger is dead. Read through this article to know what to do if your... more

iPhone 6 Plus After 4 Years – Should You Buy in 2018?

Buy iPhone 6 Plus After 4 Years

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I bought my iPhone 6 Plus in the year 2014 right after the launch, thanks to my readers and without you, it wouldn't have been possible. This was literally my first "smartphone" as I switched from... more

Buy Pixel 3 – Best Long-Term Investment

Buy Pixel 3

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Purchasing a smartphone is not just for the features that the company offer, but also the durability of the hardware and software updates they seed to their devices. We recently posted a blog post... more

Google+ Shut Down – A Nightmare For Well-Grown Communities

Adios Google+ : Shutting Down

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Social media platforms are the most important part of internet that helps connecting with people around the web. A lot of social media have come up and fallen in a short period of time. This is not a... more

Google Pixel 3 Specs : Are Rumours & Leaks True?

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Google Pixel 3 is the most expected flagship smartphone from Google that is yet to be announced on October 9, 2018. There have been several rumours and leaks going on around the social media about... more

Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone Xs – Which $1000 phone Worth To Buy?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone Xs Max

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Samsung and Apple manufactures the best smartphone in the world. The new smartphones from both smartphone giants have been released and it's time to decide which one to buy or whether to upgrade to... more

Should You Upgrade to iPhone Xs?

iPhone Xs Max

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The most awaited iPhone Xs, the successor of Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone X has released and its in most of the reviewer's hand. It's been a month since the launch and there have been many pros... more