December 21, 2014
Finger print Master card technology in 2015
Internet, News

Technology is growing everyday faster and today’s technology gets obsolete sooner than we expect. In the coming year 2015, there is lot to expect about the advancing technology. Let us see what happens in the upcoming year and see whether it makes human lifestyle an easier one or not. The listed technology advancements have been … See more

December 21, 2014
save any image on cloud
Browsers, Chrome, Cloud Services, Internet

Technology is making the world smaller. The introduction of cloud technology has made our files available anywhere on the web. Today’s world is partially depended on cloud storages such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive. In near future, these cloud storages might be used fully by the people across this world wide web. The … See more

December 7, 2014
On Page SEO for Ecommerce Sites
Internet, Website

As far as search engine optimization is concerned, on-page optimization means the aspects that influence the listing of your webpage in natural search results. These aspects are under the control of the coding that are used in your page.  Keyword density, Meta tags, keyword placement and HTML code are some of the examples of on-page optimization. … See more

December 5, 2014

Online store as a business that requires minimal capital investment at the starting often begins as a side-job. Small volume of sales, lack of personnel, etc. – all these things allow controlling an online store, in fact, manually. This awesome tool discussed here allows you to manage an inventory – lets a quick way to … See more

November 13, 2014
chromoji chrome extension to support emoji
Browsers, Chrome, Windows

Emojis have become  much cool after Apple started supporting on their mobile operating system, iOS. Also, the normal emoticons have become out-of-fashion. The smartphone world brings a new set of characters to the world. Today’s Facebook app and WhatsApp do have emojis instead of the normal emoticons which we always use on a desktop site … See more

November 6, 2014
Real Ways to Make Extra Money Online
Internet, Tips and Tricks

Posts about Making money online in internet as well as other ads never fade down even after a decade. But most of the ads only tempt us into fake links that use us for their promotion and they are also not reliable in paying money. This includes Free recharge, Android app ads, referral invites, google … See more

November 3, 2014
Prevent Facebook From Stealing Browsing History
Browsers, Facebook, Internet, Social

Did you know that Facebook steals your browsing history and displays relevant ads? Facebook uses your browser cookies to show ads on products and services. Your browsing history is considered as the one that you are looking for, on the web. Although this way of showing you relevant advertisements is a way useful, on the … See more

October 25, 2014
new android tablet
Android, Gadgets, Tablets

Break out the Android, tear off the shrink-wrap, and turn that baby on. Now what? When most Android users first get their device, they go through the usual setup process. At the same time, they miss out on some important features and settings that aren’t obvious from the onscreen tutorials. Here’s how to get new … See more

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