Backup All Messages from Messages App on Mac Without Software [How To]

Backup all messages from messages app on mac

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There have been a numerous app that says you can back up your entire messages but those software do not have a way to import the backup back again to the Messages app. Most of the app that provides... more

View Full Size Profile Photo on Google+ New Layout [How To]

Full Size Profile Photo on Google+ New Layout Trick

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Google+ has just recently updated to a new layout that is purely designed with modern materialize design by Google. The new layout update has really made low-bandwidth users happy as the new layout... more

Generate Colored ASCII Art of Facebook Profile Photo

Colored ASCII Art of Facebook Profile Photo

2 weeks ago   2 comments

Facebook uses a CDN to store images so that the load time of the site is fast. AkamaiHD is the service used by Facebook and other big giants to store audio and video related files. You might have... more

Will Netflix in India wins? Not Everywhere

Netflix in India Pricing

1 month ago   4 comments

India is a developing country and Netflix, which is an online movie streaming website launched in India. The starting price of Netflix subscription is ₹500 and it does not have HD though provides... more

How To Find Profile or Page ID on Facebook Without Graph?


1 month ago   2 comments

Facebook has removed the way to find out the ID of a page and profiles using the graph method. Previously, to find an ID of a page or a profile, you just need to go to that particular page or profile... more

How To Type Empty Character on Mac [Alt 0173]

Set Alt 0173 on Mac

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Windows has given certain keyboard functionalities that lets users to type in Unicode characters anywhere using Alt key through some number combinations. This feature is not available in other... more

Apple iPhone 6C Specifications [Leaked]


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The craze over the Apple products have never ended among the people due to perfection and their trust over the company. We can see a lot of upcoming gadgets this year and iPhone 6C is one of them... more

OS X El Capitan: Buggy Operating System of 2015

El Capitan Buggy Operating System

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Apple Forum has recorded the most discussion about the bugs about latest OS X release El Capitan. Even after several version updates on the same El Capitan, not major bugs have been resolved on the... more

Twitter in 2015 : A Rewind

Twitter in 2015

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I've been started to use Twitter more this year than Facebook. The reason behind this change is, the power of hashtags and the short tweets. I could find like-minded people on Twitter using hashtags... more

Technology in 2016 That You Can Expect

Technology in 2016

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2015 has been a great year for technology changes and every year we could see rapid changes as lot of researchers and companies are working on it. Similarly, we should see big changes that can occur... more

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