April 18, 2015
Android Encryption Warning

Encryption is a feature which is being introduced by Google starting from android version 2.3.4, before going into details on how to enable encryption, we must know what is encryption actually. What is Encryption? Encryption is a mechanism which is used to decrypt the data with a serial code or pin, to decrypt the data again … See more

April 7, 2015
Galaxy S6 Edge Bends
Gadgets, Mobile

It is always important to test a smartphone by the mobile phone manufacturer before it gets released. Most of the video bloggers and people who give mobile reviews on YouTube tend to do some tests on their own, just like CNET does on YouTube. This may provide a good feedback to customers whether to buy … See more

March 15, 2015
How to Remove Password from PDF

In our daily life and work, we may go over various PDF files. At times you may have some major difficulty to get to some of them. This can be because of the open passwords that you don’t have. In different cases, you may succeed to get to them, but find that you can do … See more

March 15, 2015

Video Converter is considered to be a wonderful tool for converting your video, which converts any type of video to any kind of video and audio format quite easily and simply. Appreciating your videos at whatever time and anyplace simply got simple and upbeat with it. Whatever you do, the output videos are dependably of … See more

March 15, 2015
PDF Conversion Tools
Internet, Software

PDF files have gained popularity for the last few years. Whether you are applying somewhere or you are sending your resume, the one common thing is the PDF files. The application forms are also in PDF formats and so is the digital brochures of any company. Everywhere you will find the application of PDF files … See more

March 8, 2015
Digital Trends in Technology

Technology has engraved various sectors of the market with its luring advantages and benefits to the humans. Education is such a sector that has also being rationalized with the advent of digital technology being implemented in the most proficient way to upgrade the knowledge of the students and make their future more brighter and flexible. … See more

March 6, 2015
Recover deleted files from iPhone

When you are using smartphones or computers, then one thing is for sure that one day or the other you will come across a data loss situation. This is the reason the experts always advise users to have proper backup, so that when the devices lose the data, you still can hold on to the … See more

February 19, 2015
easeus todo backup review

No matter how strong your anti-virus is still there is a need to take backup in order to protect and keep your data safe and secure. Your anti-virus can keep the data safe from virus attack, but if your system crashes or you lose out on data due to improper operation, then what will you … See more

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