Preview New Google+ Layout Before Anyone [2015]

New Google+ layout for Page 2015

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Google is trying hard to get users on their social media, Google+. Though there are lot of users already using Google+, people are not addictive than they are on Facebook. The reason is, their... more

How To: Like all Posts on Facebook News Feed or Timeline

Like all posts on Facebook

1 month ago   2 comments

We are back with Facebook tricks again! We want to get likes on our Facebook profile, for which we follow certain strategies. One of the most vital strategy that we assume is, "Like others' photo... more

Build Your Own Flipkart Without Coding Knowledge

Create own ecommerce website

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Are you interested in selling products online? Are the one who don't have knowledge about web development languages but still want to create a website and lead a life? With WordPress and other modern... more

How To: Send Bulk Messages on Facebook

How to send bulk messages on Facebook with oCommunity Suite

2 months ago   2 comments

What's up? It's been days since I posted a Facebook trick. Today I am back with a new trick. "How to send bulk messages on Facebook?" - this is a common question asked by most of the people who do... more

6 Hidden Facts About WhatsApp You May Not Know

Hidden Facts About WhatsApp

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The popular mobile social media, WhatsApp has got a lot of users with the evolution of smartphones. Facebook, though has acquired it, we do not know the business model for WhatsApp to make money. Few... more

Digital India is No Way Related with Zuckerberg’s


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Digital India is a purely Prime Minister Modi's initiative for the betterment of India to have a digitally connected country. As science and technology have become an important part of a country's... more

Reasons Why You Should Not Buy iPhone 6S 16 GB

Not Buy iPhone 6S 16 GB

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Apple's September special event was great and we saw the launch of new iPhone, iPad, WatchOS and much more. It is good to see new features on the Apple's popular product, iPhone. The most-talked... more

Windows 10: Show Local Drives Instead of Quick Access in File Explorer

Show Local Drives Instead of Quick Access in Windows 10

4 months ago   Be the first one to comment

The all new Windows 10 is light and makes a novice user handle easily. The all new Microsoft Edge seems to utilize less memory than any other popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla... more

2 Efficient Ways to Keep MacBook Cool [Prevent Overheating]

Keep MacBook Cool with smcFanControl software

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It is strange that the architecture of MacBooks are much different than a Windows laptop has. Most of the cooling pads focuses at the center of the laptop but these cooling pads don't perform better... more

Play/Pause & Change Song with Gesture Movements

Control Music with Gesture Controls on Mac and Windows

5 months ago   Be the first one to comment

You might have heard about technology that uses Arduino chips in order to connect various devices. There are a lot of campuses that use Arduino to show directions to particular department just when... more

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