July 11, 2014
Identity Thefy : 7 Ways to know how it happened

Theft is one of the oldest occupations. As our world evolves and advances, so do the ways of the criminal. There are many ways that a cyber-thief can get access to your information including unsecured networks, hacking personal or business computers, or even security breaches in a company you have shopped at before. In 2012, 7 … See more

July 11, 2014
EaseUS Partition Master Free Screenshot

If you have been using the other software of EaseUS then you don’t need any introduction of the company and how effective it is for users. The EaseUS Partition Master Free Software is mainly used by home users and it comes completely free of cost. As it is easy to use therefore it is used … See more

July 10, 2014
How to use Facebook for Local Business Marketing
Facebook, Social

This post is about the benefits of Facebook for online local business marketing, these tips will help you in creating and  image and popularity of your business online. Now a question must have arrived that there are so many social networks available, why we have chosen Facebook for local business marketing? Why Facebook? Facebook is … See more

July 4, 2014
Designing, Website

You can make use of jQuery to develop a dynamic website. The new version of jQuery which has been launched will make your task easy. The jQuery library has changed how individuals work online. With the help of the JavaScript library, web developers can prototype animation and create backend effects. If you have the knowledge … See more

June 25, 2014
Virtual Babysitter for Infants

Children born today are the first generation to have been born in a world of smartphone and iPad technology, and app developers are quickly finding that infant and toddler apps are a success. Some of the apps comes out well and covers a lot of infants but still, few doesn’t makes infants more understandable. Few … See more

June 22, 2014
View balance of any BSNL number
Internet, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials

This is not a “hacking” type-of post. BSNL knowingly or unknowingly has let anyone to find any BSNL prepaid balance of the subscribers to be available public. It doesn’t matter that you need to have an account on the site or be a BSNL subscriber. Anyone peeping on another person’s prepaid balance does not create … See more

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