[How To] Earn Money From Phone Book Contacts

Earn Money From Phone Book Contacts

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Wonder how you can earn from phone book contacts? Do you think this is real, or I'm just dreaming off? It's real but not. You can earn money from phone book contacts whenever your contact books a... more

Freedom 251 to be Delivered, says Ringing Bells

Freedom 251

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How far were we excited to hear a smartphone that can afford for less than $4 (₹251)? During the launch, the company, Ringing Bells had a big event inviting government officials. It made people... more

Implement Split Screen Effect in a Video [How To]

Split Screen effect in video

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One of the more interesting types of special effects out there is certainly the split screen effect. If you’ve seen it in the past then you’ll certainly recognize it as it is true to its name and... more

Block All Contacts on WhatsApp [How To]


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At times in life, you feel weird that you don't want anyone in your life. You may sometimes feel like you want to block everyone in your life or with some exception. If you are in such a situation,... more

6 Unique Things About Facebook Messenger

Chat Bots for Facebook Messenger

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Facebook wants to make people experience Messenger separately, and the company has added unique features to the product that makes the chatting experience better. Facebook claims that Messenger has... more

Interest Based Posts on Facebook News Feed [Coming Soon]

Facebook News Feed Interest based posts

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Facebook is experimenting a massive change on News Feed on all devices; that is on mobile as well as desktop devices. Some of the users are now experiencing the new news feed from Facebook whereas... more

How To: Turn on Night Shift in Low Power Mode [iPhone]

Night Shift in Low Power Mode

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If you have updated your Apple devices to iOS 9.3, then you might have come across a pretty new feature called Night Shift. This feature basically aims to make users have peaceful sleep during... more

Score High in Basketball Game on Facebook Messenger [How to]

High Score on Facebook Messneger

3 months ago   2 comments

Facebook is bringing a lot of features on Messenger. Most of the functions that are not available on Facebook's desktop site are found on Messenger. It shows that Facebook is concentrating more on... more

How To Post via Facebook Mentions without Verified Profile

How to Post via Facebook Mentions

3 months ago   3 comments

Facebook has published an app on App Store and Play Store exclusively for public figures, that is, anyone who has a verified profile can install Facebook Mentions on their smartphone. Facebook... more

8 Funny Pranks with College Computers That You Can Do

Busy Cursor Always

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Performing pranks at college is fun and when pranks are performed on computers at your college, the level of entertainment goes beyond the happiness you will actually feel for anything. There is one... more

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