How to Post Facebook Live Video Poll

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"How to post Facebook Live video poll" is the top notch question I get from various people. I was not aware of the new Facebook live video poll which is going viral everywhere on Facebook pages. I asked for a reader to send a link for such a video that counts the reactions count or like count on the video. It is said to be the real-time update but still I could see some delay. However, people were really excited about knowing the tutorial to post Facebook live video poll on pages and profile.

Facebook Live Video Poll Trick

My friend and I just went surfing about this to determine if we can do the same. We just found that this is something advanced to perform for a regular user. You need the following prerequisite to getting Facebook live video poll:


  • Facebook Developer Subscription - it's free, you can get it from
  • A bit knowledge of web development
  • OBS - which helps you to get live on Facebook. (Download Link is given below)

How to post Facebook Live Video Poll?

This tutorial will help you to post Facebook Live video poll on Facebook Page.

  1. Go to and create a new app.
  2. Download the ZIP file, extract it and open friends.html with your favourite text editor.
  3. Navigate to Access Token Tool and copy the App Token that Facebook has generated for you.
  4. Paste the copied App Token and paste it in line number 102.
  5. Save it.
  6. Go to your Facebook page.
  7. Navigate to Publishing Tools at the top.
  8. Choose Video Library from the left sidebar.
  9. Click on "Live" button.
  10. Make a note of Server URL and Stream Key.
  11. Open OBS software, click Settings and go to Stream menu.
  12. Choose Stream Type as Custom Streaming Server and paste Server URL in the URL field, and Stream Key. DO NOT tick "Use Authentication".
  13. Click OK.
  14. Now, in the OBS, under Sources list, click on the plus (+) sign and choose Browser Source.
  15. Give a name to create a new recording.
  16. Tick on Local File.
  17. Select the friends.html (that you have downloaded in step #2) as the local file.
  18. Select appropriate height and width so that it fits your requirement. For the optimal solution, provide 1920 as width and 1080 as height.
  19. Save the settings and click on Start Streaming.
  20. Go to Facebook Page. If everything is good, Facebook should now be showing a preview of your friends.html file.
  21. Click on Go Live.
  22. Once you click on Go Live, you should see the new video appearing on the Video Manager page. Click on that and choose "View Permalink".
  23. The permalink will have the Post ID.
  24. Copy the Post ID.
  25. Open friends.html again and in line 103, paste the Post ID that you have copied.
  26. Now go to OBS. Under the Sources List, choose your Browser Source name and click the gear icon. Just Click OK so that it refreshes the file and gets knowledge about the change.
  27. You do not have to Start Stream again as it is already streaming.
  28. Go to your Facebook Page and give a Like or Love. Your should get the update after some time. This delay is normal.

That's all! Enjoy your Facebook Live Video Poll and get millions of likes and reach.

Video Tutorial:

If you have further queries, please comment below.


Download OBS.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • Gaz says:

    I did all this and everything worked fine. But now when I do it everything works apart from the 0 0 on the counter. I just can't get them to appear anymore? Ive re installed OBS and the zip files. It just won't show the counter no matter what I do? Any ideas?