How To Access Adf.Ly URLs in India

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I recently noticed that the most popular URL shortening service has been blocked in India. Initially, when I tried to access an URL from an anonymous source, I thought that may be the temporary problem with the site but later I figured out that has been blocked in India. I was able to find an alternate way to access site. basically, is a web service which helps you to shorten the URL and also pays bucks to members. Unfortunately due to some reasons, has been blocked in India. Learn how to access URLs in India without having to use a VPN service.

India is a country where not much internet contents are censored as compared to Arab countries. The Department of Communications has blocked the site and it looks that has been blocked temporarily in India. There had occurred a issue with and until a legal report from the court, they are not supposed to make Indian users to access links. has blocked the default unsecured URL but has not blocked the secured URL (https). Also, the site is accessible using a sub domain. links which point to download sites and other places where people find it interesting or important are now open.


Access Adf.Ly URLs

To access URL, you can use any of the two methods.

Method #1: Using secure URL

Access the link with https. For example, instead of

Method #2: Using sub domain

You can also access links by prefixing 'v2.' in the link. For example, you can access in India.

Access URLs in India

This block may be released after legal court announce in court and users from India should be able to access link directly as we browse around other sites.

What is your thought on this block? Share your comments below.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • ayan says:

    Its awesome and working fine....

  • Edwin siro says:

    Hello from Edwin siro. Your blog is awesome.

    About the method#2 using sub domain, will it work if I just edit my reffaral link with v2

  • Solved problem thanks...