Hack ICC Champions Google Doodle To Get High Score

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Google Doodles are the special way for Google to show support for a particular event by changing its logo. Most of the times, Google's logo is a fun. To support ICC Champions Trophy 2017, Google updated its logo to a doodle where a user can play cricket. However, as a doodle, you can only bat and not field or bowl. ICC Champions Google Doodle has become an addiction to most of the people and even after Google removed from the homepage, people are still accessing from the Google Doodles archive. Here I am sharing a trick to hack ICC Champions Google Doodle to get a high score. You can easily beat your friends and show off. What's wrong in showing off when it is real? Well, but this is a cheat.

The doodle is built over Javascript and every action you make to hit the ball are run on client side. Thus, once the game gets loaded, you can play seamlessly even on a slower connection. The high score does not get stored on Google's server. Instead, the score is stored on your web browser as a local storage.

A local storage on a web browser? Cookies? No. Below explains what cookies and local storage elements are.

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small piece of information stored on your web browser to personalise your browsing experience. They usually have an expiry date and time after which they expire. Once a cookie gets expired, they have to be set again to work the way it was working before.

What is Local Storage?

A local storage has no expiry date. The data is stored in a (key, value) format where an application read its data using the unique key. This storage will be separate for every website so that keys do not conflict with other sites. The data is not erased when hte browser is closed. The data on a local storage is erased only when you clear your browsing data or the application explicitly deletes the data.

High scores are stored as Local Storage

In ICC Champions Google Doodle, your high score gets preserved even when you close your web browser. You don't even have to log in to your Google account to get back your score. As high scores for ICC Champions Google Doodle is saved as a data in local storage, whenever a person scores high on your computer, the key for the high score will record the new high score as its value.

How to hack ICC Champions Google Doodle to get high score?

Follow the below steps to hack ICC Champions Google Doodle to get high score. This hack is not harmful.

  1. Open up your Google Chome web browser.
  2. Visit Google Doodles Archive page for ICC Champions 2017.
  3. Click on the play button to start playing.
  4. Play a game and do not worry if you got a wicket, as you need to play for at least one time for this hack.
  5. Once you've got a wicket, its time to start hacking. Press F12 on your keyboard to open Web Inspector. (On a Mac, you need to press Option + Command + I)
  6. Go to Application tab.
  7. Expand Local Storage on the left pane and choose https://www.google.com.
  8. Find the Key named "doodle-cricket17-score".
  9. Change its value to any value you wish.Hack ICC Champions Google Doodle 2017
  10. This value will be your high score. Note that you cannot score more than 999. If you provide a value more than 999, the Doodle will still show 999.
  11. To see the changes you have made, close the Web Inspector window by pressing F12 or by clicking on the close button.
  12. Reload the Doodle page and click on Play button, your high score should have changed.

Pro Tip: Play ICC Champions 2017 Google Doodle in full screen by visiting the application directly. Press F11 to enter or exit full screen.

If you have more queries, please let us know in comments. Now, what is your high score?

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • Navya says:

    Super Cheater!!!!!

  • Ravinder says:

    I scored 999

  • deepak says:

    f12 not working in this .

  • deepak says:

    After choosing commands from right top corner now I am able to change it to 999. Super cheater. Thank you so much...

  • jeff says:

    it really works!