How To: Reduce Server Load by Optimizing WordPress And Server

Reduce Server Load

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Having a dedicated server is not an easy thing to maintain. You have all control over the server, and it is in the hands of yours to make them optimised. CryptLife is hosted at DigitalOcean, and we... more

Tools and Tips To Speed Up Website to Load Faster as Lightning

6 years ago   4 comments

Speed of your blog impacts a lot on your search engine rankings. Google wants to provide a better user experience while they are looking for a content on Google. The search engine giants uses more... more

Create RSS Feed App for WordPress blog [Android/iOS/Windows Phone]

Feed App for WordPress blog

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Now a days, I”™ve been noticing myself interested in smartphone apps. I don”™t own a smartphone but I hope, I”™ll soon get a good one. Well, it”™s not so mandatory for a blogger like... more

Blogger To WordPress : Not All Posts Gets Imported [Troubleshoot]

Import posts from Blogger to WordPress

8 years ago   5 comments

Blogging has become popular in every age groups and a small child of age 16 says that he runs a blog on WordPress or Blogger. Literally, blogging has boosted up my knowledge than other... more

5 Common WordPress Errors with Solutions

WordPress Errors with Solutions

8 years ago   2 comments

WordPress have become an important and popular platform for blogs and websites. Most of the top websites are now powered by WordPress. Not for they are secure but also the customization is much... more

3 Ways to Find WordPress Plugin used by a Blog

Google Plugin used by a WordPress blog

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A WordPress blog might require a number of plugins for adding additional functionality to the blog. A blog which was used as a personal diary is now made commercial. In the competitive world of... more

Best Voicemail Contact Form for WordPress, Blogger and other websites


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Keeping contact form on your blog or website is the best method to make users to contact you. Without  giving your visitors, the Email address publicly, it is far better to have a contact form so... more

How to : Backup your WordPress files to Dropbox

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Every Blogger”˜s work is not only to write posts and keep people up to date about the news or other stuff they provide on their blog. They must also be cautious towards their security of their... more

Add Facebook Share button in Slick Social Share WordPress Plugin

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Social Sharing is one of the important activity in Blogging which can make popularity of a blog post. People who like the article can share with their friends. It is good if that shares your article... more

How did the web hosting evolved? [Infographic]

9 years ago   2 comments

Having a website in these days have become a simple thing in these day. It is much cheaper than you spend for coffee per week. Here is an infographic about the evolution of web hosting. Earlier, a... more