Tools and Tips To Speed Up Website to Load Faster as Lightning

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Speed of your blog impacts a lot on your search engine rankings. Google wants to provide a better user experience while they are looking for a content on Google. The search engine giants uses more... more

How to Do On Page SEO for Ecommerce Sites

On Page SEO for Ecommerce Sites

4 years ago   2 comments

As far as search engine optimization is concerned, on-page optimization means the aspects that influence the listing of your webpage in natural search results. These aspects are under the control of... more

Can Everyone Do Web Design? Think Not, the Intricate Process Proves It

4 years ago   2 comments

With the internet having virtually taken over contemporary business, it behooves you as a business executive to join the bandwagon. The principle here is simple, you will have millions of potential... more

Basic Requirements To Start a Website or Blog

Basic requirements to start a website

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Now a days, there are lot of people starting their own customized website and blogs. People who love to write always choose to blog and people who want to promote a brand, starts a website. There is... more

Now Embed Public Posts On Websites/Blogs [Facebook]

Embed public posts

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Like Twitter, Facebook has now brought a new feature to embed your post on a website or a blog. This feature is pretty much cool when you want to share a Facebook post with your blog readers or your... more

Embed Facebook Post on Website [New Feature]

Embed Facebook Post on Website

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The most popular social networking site, Facebook now makes ease for web masters and bloggers. Embedding tweets on websites have become more efficient for both the social networking site and the... more

Convert Facebook Page to Website [How To]

Convert Facebook Page to Website

5 years ago   2 comments

Facebook is much used in business and other developments. Business people find a way to sell best products depending upon the people's response on Facebook. Facebook is much populated. People find... more

How To: Host a Website on Dropbox

Host a website on Dropbox Overall steps

6 years ago   2 comments

I know a lot of you folks haven’t heard of Dropbox before. It is one of the most amazing free storage services available online. Dropbox is a cloud storage service where you can save and... more

Download Whole Website on your Computer [How to]

Download whole website HTTrack Website Copier

6 years ago   2 comments

We browse lot of websites and download lots of files from websites. Have you ever thought of downloading the whole site? It's possible with HTTrack Website Copier. Now, you can download whole website... more

Create a Nokia App for your Website and Monetize it

6 years ago   1 comment

Nokia is the most trusted brand in the hearts of customers since the evolution of the very first mobile in Nokia. If you are a social site lover, you might have seen some funny images that shows the... more