Will Your Phone Get Android Nougat Update? Here Is The List

Get Android Nougat Update

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It is big news for all Android fans around the world after Google announced the name for next Android. It's proudly named after a Spanish sweet name, Nougat. Indians are a bit disappointed in this as... more

Warning: Keep your Internet Explorer Updated

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What version of Windows do you use? Windows 7 or Windows 8? Have you ever noticed that you once used Internet Explorer to download your other browsers? The Microsoft's only web browser, Windows... more

Get Redesigned News Feed on Facebook

Facebook news Feed Activity log

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I think, I am back to work after long time. CryptLife is comprised of higher number of Facebook fans as we post most stories about Facebook. Lastly, we posted regarding how to reduce Facebook... more

No more Java on Apple [Recent Security Flaw]

Java on Apple is nomore

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Recently, we heard a news that an update for Java contained a big security flaw which made hackers to get personal information of a Java user. Later, Oracle released an update to fix them. However,... more

Update Java for Vulnerability Fix [Strongly Recommended]

Update Java to fix vulnerability

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Java, from Oracle is found everywhere. From your DVD players to car, Java plays a vital role in this tech life. Recent update that was released by Java had a major security flaw where hackers were... more

Reply Option for Comments in Facebook Pages [Update]

Reply Option on Facebook

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We know a fact that a person who updates his knowledge daily will last long in this world. As the world is more competitive, it is much essential to know about the latest updates occurring in this... more

Twitter Update for iPhone – Well Improved and More Faster

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Twitter, which is considered to be the most popular social networking for celebrities and people provide application for smartphone and almost all mobiles. A Twitter update for iPhone 4.3 has... more

Update: Google Places is Now Google+ Local [For iOS]

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The application which Google provided to iOS used to find places is now renamed to Google+ Local. This name change includes certain features what Google Places provided and also the important one is,... more

Find Facebook Friends Near you [Update]

Find Facebook Friends Nearby

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Facebook does an update at least once in a week. I've been monitoring Facebook since I joined on it on 2009. Facebook brought many options on Facebook and also improved som of the features. The... more