Technology in 2016 That You Can Expect

Technology in 2016

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2015 has been a great year for technology changes and every year we could see rapid changes as lot of researchers and companies are working on it. Similarly, we should see big changes that can... more

Technology Coming in 2015 That Surprises and Excites You

Finger print Master card technology in 2015

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Technology is growing everyday faster and today's technology gets obsolete sooner than we expect. In the coming year 2015, there is lot to expect about the advancing technology. Let us see what... more

Allow Infants to use Technology? The Virtual Babysitter

Virtual Babysitter for Infants

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Children born today are the first generation to have been born in a world of smartphone and iPad technology, and app developers are quickly finding that infant and toddler apps are a success. Some of... more

Gadgets & Technology Trending in 2012

Trending on 2012 technology

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Technology is growing day by day just to enhance human life. We always need a best and latest technology to make our life easy. We do love latest technology and gadgets. Let us have a small review... more

Stick N Find : Use Bluetooth Sticker to Find Missing Objects

Bluetooth Sticker

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A human being does not have a powerful memory power. We sometimes lose objects that we have kept somewhere. It's really a hard thing to find for the object that you have lost. Sometimes, you may even... more

How did the web hosting evolved? [Infographic]

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Having a website in these days have become a simple thing in these day. It is much cheaper than you spend for coffee per week. Here is an infographic about the evolution of web hosting. Earlier, a... more

Nokia 808 PureView: Pricing in India

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The most expected mobile of Nokia which contains 41 Mega Pixel of camera has really attracted the hearts of people all over the world. Even a photographer supports this. However, it won't come like a... more