Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Price in India : Rs. 21945

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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Samsung is vigorously working hard to bring out the latest revolution of technology to the people. From mobile, people have now switched to tablets. The mobile manufacturers like Samsung has now... more

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Starts at $214 in 170+ Countries

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

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We recently heard about the announcement of Amazon Kindle Fire which was released at United States. Though people expected to be released in other countries, the company did not have any plans... more

Windows 8 Ultrabook : Sony VAIO Duo 11

Sony VAIO Duo 11 - Windows 8 powered computer

6 years ago   2 comments

It's now, the time to look for Windows 8. As per the reviews of many experts, Windows 8 is also considered to have the best User Interface for touch users. We have already written posts about Windows... more

Tablet Computers for Education : HCL MyEdu and HCL Me

Tablet Computer for Education

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Education in India has become more important. Not only in India. Generally, education is always more important in one's life. The skills inside a person is identified only with the help of education.... more

Android like Operating System for Tablet Computers [Russia]

Android Like Operating System

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The internet and search giant, Google runs Android on many branded smartphones and tablets. Though Android is an open source Operating System, Russia suspects and takes more cautionary steps for not... more

Apple iPad Mini Release Date – Rumor?

iPad Mini

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Apple, the giant in making awesome computers,  mobile phones and other communication devices is now rumored about the release of iPad Mini. Well, though this question raised since long... more

Google Nexus 7 – Only Tablet that Runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

6 years ago   1 comment

Google, always that wants to stand high on Air has now introduced a tablet computer where, the hardware is manufactured by Asus which is the king for Motherboard and other hardware devices. They... more

Another cheaper Tablet Computer on Sale: Go Tech Android Tablet

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India has already launched a cheapest Tablet computer that run on Android Operating System from Ubislate which is also known as Aakash Tablet computers. Most of the people have commented both the... more