[Update] Edit Facebook Post Feature is Now Live

Edit Facebook Post

5 years ago   1 comment

After lot of smaller updates that was rolled out on Facebook, the company now allows the user to edit Facebook posts easily which appears on their timeline. We are already aware of the feature to... more

Like all Status and Comments on Facebook News Feed

Like all status and comments on Facebook News Feed

6 years ago   3 comments

There's been craze for people to increase their followers and friends. Not really, but they need to have more followers and friends on Facebook or Twitter or Google+. Programmers and other computer... more

Insert Dislike button on Facebook Status [Prank]

Dislike Button on Facebook Status Prank

6 years ago   12 comments

People become populated on Facebook these days. Though, there are lot  of improvements and additional features on Facebook, it sounded that people loved features that Facebook don't provide... more

Share Music Status on Facebook with Friends: Coming Soon


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You have many friends on Facebook. But really not all will be the people you really know. However, some will be more concern about their privacy on Facebook. It is considered to be the largest social... more

How to: Embed Chat box in Facebook Page

6 years ago   2 comments

Facebook is a largest social media where people chats with each other to share personal matters. Chat box provided officially is always used for chatting but if you are a owner of renowned Facebook... more

Embed Chat Window in Facebook Post [How to]

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Most of the people on Facebook, Chats with friends more than sharing something. Every person needs to chat for sharing things personally. Whatever the things be, about business or studies or any... more

Tips for Getting more Likes to your Facebook Page

6 years ago   5 comments

Getting Likes on your Facebook page becomes a strategy for everyone. We might have seen pages that contains millions of likes in it. But how do they do it? Why can't you bring the same? It's... more