Best Productivity Tools For Business Owners During Pandemic

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COVID-19 has forever transformed the way that businesses operate, regardless of your industry. The way that we communicate, collaborate, acquire services, shop, and even making payments has changed... more

Quick Recover Deleted Files Using 3 Powerful Tools

EaseUS - Recover Deleted Files

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If you are losing valuable files and folders this a great panic. But don’t worry for your convenience we have shortlisted some best data recovery software’s that will solve your problem and... more

5 Essential Tools to Install on Ubuntu as a Newbie

Essential Tools to Install on Ubuntu or Linux

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Windows is boring. We have used Windows to the fullest, and we do not want the same Start menu and File Explorer. The boring C:, D:, drives are still the same since we have used a computer for the... more

Transfer and Sync Music From iPhone to iTunes

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If you have reinstalled iTunes, then you will be in need of transferring all your favorite music from iPhone to iTunes. Most users think that it will be a long process and they will have to invest... more

Instant Create Movies and Photo Slideshow with Movavi Video Editor

Create Movies and Photo Slideshow

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For experts, it is Adobe Premiere or After Effects. The one who are very creative at a beginning stage do not know a lot about such advanced tools from Adobe. There are several vendors providing a... more

Transferring files from PC to PC with EaseUS

Transfer Files From PC to PC

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You have bought this brand new computer and are basking in the glory of that but you are forgetting one thing and that is all the files are still there in your old PC. Now don”™t press the panic... more

4 Tools to Remove Vocal and Extract Music from a Song

Remove vocals and extract music from a song

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Music enables a human to relax himself from mind pressure. You might be in love with certain songs from any of your favorite album. You might love lyrics in some of the songs or only the music in... more

Access Adobe Photoshop on Cloud : Enabled for India

Adobe Photoshop on Cloud

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We all might have edited a photo. Most of our wish as a beginner in Photoshop is to move a face to another picture. A computer savvy person should have really wished to become well versed in... more

5 Best Desktop Customization Software for Windows

Fences Windows Desktop Customization Software

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We have worked on lot of operating systems. Mostly, we might have used Operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. Statistically, users of Windows are more compared to Mac and Linux. Though Linux... more