3 Best Chrome Extensions To Share Links Instantly On Facebook, Twitter and more

Shareaholic Chrome extension to share links instantly on Facebook

5 years ago   2 comments

In daily life, we browse internet for gaining lot of knowledge. Who is not on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ ? Everyone has an account on various social networking sites and share lots of information... more

Torch browser : All in one web browser

Torch Browser

5 years ago   4 comments

It would be funny thing for anyone to say that, he doesn't have an email id. Even funnier when a teenager says, "I m not on Facebook". Funniest, When a college student who says, "I haven't used... more

Top 10 Trendy Sites for Online Image Editing

6 years ago   12 comments

People are attracted towards an edited image than a original one. Most advanced users use Photoshop for getting best results in their image but learning Photoshop becomes the hardest thing. Though... more

Top 5 iPhone Apps getting Popular Recently

6 years ago   2 comments

Recently, iPhone Apps have got popular among people around the world. The users of iPhone 4S has got increased tremendously around the world. Some of the iPhone Applications on the iTunes Store has... more

How to: Embed Chat box in Facebook Page

6 years ago   2 comments

Facebook is a largest social media where people chats with each other to share personal matters. Chat box provided officially is always used for chatting but if you are a owner of renowned Facebook... more

Embed Chat Window in Facebook Post [How to]

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Most of the people on Facebook, Chats with friends more than sharing something. Every person needs to chat for sharing things personally. Whatever the things be, about business or studies or any... more

A Better Smartphone by Samsung: Galaxy S III

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Samsung Galaxy S III is now unveiled with great features. The features looks like the world entering into a new generation of Artificial intelligence, it looks like. Smart character of a... more