Security Breach on iCloud made a Hacker to Wipe all Data

iCloud Hacked Security breach

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Recent news says that there is a serious security breach on Apple's iCloud which make an Apple user to backup his files on web. A hacker managed to get into an iCloud account and was able to wipe out... more

How to Choose a Best Antivirus Software for your Computer

Choose a best Antivirus

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Certain things are to be considered while you choose a best antivirus. It is always a must to have your own computer more secure and safe. As the world you face now depends mostly on an electronic... more

Check, Detect and Remove DNS Changer Malware from your Computer

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The talk among the people about the Malware, DNS (Domain Name System) changer has been increased. Tomorrow, July 9, 2012 is the date that was supposed to be take in effect. The malware has been... more

Make your Facebook account more Secure: Alert from Facebook

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Facebook has recently updated their security forces. It seem, it had enhanced the security feature still more, making the Facebook users to stay safe and secure on Facebook. Recently, LinkedIn and... more

Yahoo launches it's new web Browser: Axis

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The most renowned browser is now considered to be the Google Chrome. Yahoo has released its own version of Web Browser which is said to search for answers and not links. The browser is available for... more

How to: Turn your Old PC into Home Security System without any cost

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Security is an important factor in all types of category. Whatever it may be, your computer, car, phone, friend or your home. Keeping home safe is an important part in human's life because the we may... more