Hazards to Internet Use Safety and Counter-Measures

Hazards to Internet

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Staying offline (as well as keeping your kids away from the Web) in the 21st century is next to impossible, as you might know. Even some desperate parents’ efforts to limit their children’s use... more

Android Gaming: How To Protect From Hacking?

Protect From Hacking

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Gaming has evolved over the years to incorporate smaller devices such as phones, tablets and iPods among other devices. The reason for gaming on these devices is that it is more convenient. These... more

Backup: Important Step in Data Security

easeus todo backup review

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No matter how strong your anti-virus is still there is a need to take backup in order to protect and keep your data safe and secure. Your anti-virus can keep the data safe from virus attack, but if... more

Google Facial Password For Android - Smile, Wrinkle or Make Any Gesture

Google Facial Password

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Password is one of the important thing to be considered for a smartphone user. Android, the top smartphone operating system maker introduced pattern method to unlock the smartphone. The pattern... more

No more Java on Apple [Recent Security Flaw]

Java on Apple is nomore

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Recently, we heard a news that an update for Java contained a big security flaw which made hackers to get personal information of a Java user. Later, Oracle released an update to fix them. However,... more

Update Java for Vulnerability Fix [Strongly Recommended]

Update Java to fix vulnerability

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Java, from Oracle is found everywhere. From your DVD players to car, Java plays a vital role in this tech life. Recent update that was released by Java had a major security flaw where hackers were... more

How To : Insert Captcha on Facebook Post with Animated Pictures

Captcha on Facebook Sample

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Recently, I've been posting about animated pictures on Facebook. I would like to share another trick which worked well on Facebook. This is somewhat interesting and a unique trick than the animated... more

A Security Breach on FBI Computer made Hackers to get Personal Details of Apple users

AntiSec hacked FBI to get Apple Users using a security breach

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A recent news tells that a group of Hackers, who are named as AntiSec managed to get into a FBI Laptop computer. Hackers, who got access through a security breach on FBI computer, found something... more

iPhone SMS Security Flaw : Never Trust SMS received in iPhone

iPhone SMS Security Flaw

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We trust Apple for the brand name and the services they provide. But, after hearing continuous security flaws of iOS, people's confident level  has decreased a bit lower. Recently, we posted about... more

Adobe Flash Player No Longer Supported for Android Devices

No longer support for Android - Adobe Flash player

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Android, which is a popular mobile operating system from an internet giant, Google supported Adobe Flash player for various purposes. Particularly, it behaves as a plugin to a Web browser in... more