Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Bends Like iPhone 6 Plus

Galaxy S6 Edge Bends

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It is always important to test a smartphone by the mobile phone manufacturer before it gets released. Most of the video bloggers and people who give mobile reviews on YouTube tend to do some tests on... more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Price in India : Rs. 21945

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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Samsung is vigorously working hard to bring out the latest revolution of technology to the people. From mobile, people have now switched to tablets. The mobile manufacturers like Samsung has now... more

Samsung Water Resistant Phone Release On June 2013 ?

Samsung water resistant phone

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When Sony Xperia Z is popular among the people, Samsung might release a water resistant and dust proof smartphone soon in the month of June 2013. This news has not been confirmed yet but the company... more

Apple Suspected Copyright Infringement on Samsung Galaxy S4

Suspected Copyright Infringement on Samsung Galaxy S4

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Last year, Apple filed an issue about infringing Apple products by Samsung. On August 2012, Samsung really paid a huge amount for infringing their Apple's patents. Recently, Apple has suspected an... more

Samsung Galaxy S4 costs Rs. 40000 in India

Galaxy S4 costs Rs. 40000 in India

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The very expected smartphone of all Indians is Samsung Galaxy S4. When Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S3, people were impressed about the price and features. But after some days of the release,... more

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Photos Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

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Most of us will choose Android for a cheap and best smartphone. Samsung and Android has joined to deliver a good quality smartphones and tablet computers. The Galaxy version of Samsung is really... more

Samsung Flexible Display Phone : Organic LED Screen

Samsung Bent display smartphone

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After joining with Android, Samsung has really got a good position in the market. Though they are very much creative at the beginning, most of the people were aware of their creativeness only after... more

Nokia and Samsung in December 2012

Nokia Lumia 505 December 2012

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The two top seller of mobile phones, namely, Nokia and Samsung has released phone models in December 2012. Samsung has unveiled a smartphone and Nokia has unveiled a smartphone and a dual SIM... more

Samsung Galaxy Note II Launched in India for Rs. 39,900

Samsung Galaxy Note II Showcase

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Samsung is much keen on their improvement of smartphones and tablet computers. After the success of Samsung Galaxy Note I in India, Samsung has decided to sell its new Samsung Galaxy Note II in... more

Budget Phone : Samsung Champ Neo Duos

Samsung Champ Neo Duos

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Samsung is becoming pioneer in mobile phone industry. After the release of Samsung smartphones, Samsung's market went up. Earlier, Nokia was at the top. The integration of Google's Android Operating... more