[Update] Edit Facebook Post Feature is Now Live

Edit Facebook Post

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After lot of smaller updates that was rolled out on Facebook, the company now allows the user to edit Facebook posts easily which appears on their timeline. We are already aware of the feature to... more

Embed Facebook Post on Website [New Feature]

Embed Facebook Post on Website

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The most popular social networking site, Facebook now makes ease for web masters and bloggers. Embedding tweets on websites have become more efficient for both the social networking site and the... more

5 Effective Ways to Minimize Typo Errors on Blog Post

Minimize Mistakes on Blog post

5 years ago   7 comments

Bloggers do mistakes while writing a post but those mistakes can be minimized by following certain methods. Mistakes on a blog post doesn't look fair and professional. Those mistakes would really... more

How To: Post Emoji on Facebook Posts and Comments [2013 Working]

Facebook emojis or emoticons

5 years ago   9 comments

Emojis are the characters which resembles a text but appears graphically. The term 'Emoji' is a Japanese word which means picture letter. They appear attractive to the people who are viewing it.... more

How To : Insert Captcha on Facebook Post with Animated Pictures

Captcha on Facebook Sample

6 years ago   5 comments

Recently, I've been posting about animated pictures on Facebook. I would like to share another trick which worked well on Facebook. This is somewhat interesting and a unique trick than the animated... more

10 Things to do Before Posting a blog post – Better SEO

Post title 70 characters limited

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Blogging, we do for earning and sharing knowledge with others. Most of the bloggers do blogging with a willing mind to share the knowledge. They don't target to earn money. When they do their sincere... more

5 Types of Post that drives more Traffic to your Blog

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Blogging looks easy but if you work on it, the real strain and difficulty severely affects on you. It is an interesting job. People who blog just flow out of words though they weren't able to speak.... more

Embed Chat Window in Facebook Post [How to]

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Most of the people on Facebook, Chats with friends more than sharing something. Every person needs to chat for sharing things personally. Whatever the things be, about business or studies or any... more

Facebook introduces Timeline for mobile users: Update for News Feed

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The new timeline feature in Facebook has enabled the users to view all the posts since the time of joining. It enables you to select a month or year and helps you to view the post during that period.... more