5 Things you Need to Know About Facebook Photos

New Profile Pictures are Public

5 years ago   4 comments

We have been using Facebook since years and there are some features that may or may not be aware with you. Some of these features are not informed to users like you and me. Uploading and sharing... more

Manage Facebook Albums as Windows Folders [Windows 8]

Facebook Albums as Windows Folders

5 years ago   5 comments

Two most popular tech platforms in the world is Windows and Facebook. Most of the computers in the world run Windows operating system. Recently, the launch of Windows 8 let the users to experience a... more

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Photos Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

5 years ago   1 comment

Most of us will choose Android for a cheap and best smartphone. Samsung and Android has joined to deliver a good quality smartphones and tablet computers. The Galaxy version of Samsung is really... more

How To: See Locked Private Profile Picture on Facebook

View locked profile picture on facebook

5 years ago   70 comments

Long back, security experts and hackers found a serious security flaw on Facebook which allowed them to view private photos on Facebook with a small tweak. Facebook security flawed in that.... more

Drag and Drop Photos Easily On Facebook [New]

Drag and Drop Photos on CryptLife

5 years ago   2 comments

A few minutes ago, I shared about the Facebook Poke App. After publishing, I just logged into Facebook as usual. The text instead of What's on your mind was really cool. I just didn't care about it.... more

Increasing Likes to your Facebook Post? You lose your Privacy

6 years ago   4 comments

Have you ever tried to increase likes for your Facebook Status or Photo or Video? Or At least, have you ever seen people getting thousands of likes to their Facebook Post though they have less... more

Facebook introduces Timeline for mobile users: Update for News Feed

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The new timeline feature in Facebook has enabled the users to view all the posts since the time of joining. It enables you to select a month or year and helps you to view the post during that period.... more