Easily Convert Any Image to 360 Degree Photo on Facebook

Convert Any Image to 360 degree photo on Facebook

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Facebook 360 degree has become popular than anyone expected. Few days ago, we are able to see people creating memes using 360 degree photo. Thinking of a meme with a 360 degree photo is yet another... more

Make your Own Rage Comic with your Photo – Trollolol [iOS App]

Share instantly Trollolol

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Rage comics and Rage faces have become more popular these days on Internet, especially Websites which contain entertainment based stuffs. These become a new way to represent some conversation or any... more

Insert Animated Pictures on Facebook Cover Photo and Life Event [How to]

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Facebook tricks are always cool and can't beat up others. However, a trick becomes an additional feature to Facebook though it was not provided by Facebook officially. Tricks are always found by... more

25 New Features on Facebook to be Added or Improved

New Facebook Timeline again

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Facebook has brought so many changes to personal life and social life. The freedom of communication has been improved after the popularity of the social network, Facebook. Though new features on... more

Top 10 Trendy Sites for Online Image Editing

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People are attracted towards an edited image than a original one. Most advanced users use Photoshop for getting best results in their image but learning Photoshop becomes the hardest thing. Though... more

Top 5 iPhone Apps getting Popular Recently

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Recently, iPhone Apps have got popular among people around the world. The users of iPhone 4S has got increased tremendously around the world. Some of the iPhone Applications on the iTunes Store has... more

Increasing Likes to your Facebook Post? You lose your Privacy

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Have you ever tried to increase likes for your Facebook Status or Photo or Video? Or At least, have you ever seen people getting thousands of likes to their Facebook Post though they have less... more

A Better Smartphone by Samsung: Galaxy S III

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Samsung Galaxy S III is now unveiled with great features. The features looks like the world entering into a new generation of Artificial intelligence, it looks like. Smart character of a... more

[How to] Apply Droste effect in Facebook Cover Photo

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Have you ever searched for Facebook Cover photo on Google or vendors who provide cover photo for Facebook profiles? If you have, then you must be surely known about this effect. you might have seen... more