Create Android App For Facebook Page [How To]

App Yet Android App creation

4 years ago   30 comments

You got a Facebook Page? You want to earn money through the page? Then you should be reading this. You make a lot of posts each day and extend your page to several people word wide. The only strategy... more

How To Switch Back to Old New Tab Page on Chrome

Switch to old new tab page on chrome

5 years ago   8 comments

The recent Google Chrome update has integrated its search homepage on new tab page. Google has made the users to search for something very quickly than they do before but the appearance of the new... more

Create Facebook Page without Name [How To]

Create Facebook Page without Name

5 years ago   6 comments

Like Orkut, where we created invisible profile names, now we have seen some pages having invisible names. Earlier, Facebook allowed certain invisible characters which was easy for people to create... more

How To Tag Facebook Page or Profile with Different Name [2013]

tag page or profile with different name

5 years ago   4 comments

Since few days, the trick to tag Facebook page or profile isn't working anymore but somehow, Facebook had forgotten to patch on mobile site. The same code which was working before on desktop site is... more

Share Facebook Page with Animated Picture [2013]

Share animated picture in Facebook page

5 years ago   39 comments

Some  more animated stuffs for  you! In the previous post, I shared how to post animated pictures on Facebook group. I saw people trying out those tricks and mailing me that it works perfectly.... more

Convert Facebook Page to Website [How To]

Convert Facebook Page to Website

5 years ago   2 comments

Facebook is much used in business and other developments. Business people find a way to sell best products depending upon the people's response on Facebook. Facebook is much populated. People find... more

Upload Animated Picture in Facebook Page Tab [How To]

Change Animated Picture in Page Tab on Facebook

6 years ago   96 comments

Facebook has a serious bug where animated pictures can easily be uploaded to Facebook. The bug existed in from earlier days since I wrote about many articles regarding this. Initially, people were... more

How To: Share Page with Animated Pictures on Facebook [2013 Trick]

Animated Pictures on Facebook Page Tab error fix

6 years ago   83 comments

Tricks on Facebook has become popular and amazing with people. Usually a trick on Facebook will always use a bug that prevails on Facebook. A very recent bug on Facebook made people to have only the... more

Target Audience on Facebook by Age, Gender, Education, language and more

Target audience on Facebook

6 years ago   2 comments

Facebook updates it's social site day by day. It works harder and smarter to bring lot of users to Facebook and also to maintain the traffic they get on Facebook. Now, you can target audience on... more

How to: Post Animated Pictures on Facebook as Page

Extended Permissions Dialog Alternate

6 years ago   42 comments

Recently, I wrote three articles regarding how to post animated pictures on Facebook. I got good feedback from that. So, I would like to share another trick to post animated pictures on Facebook... more