5 Real Ways To Make Extra Money Online

Real Ways to Make Extra Money Online

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Posts about Making money online in internet as well as other ads never fade down even after a decade. But most of the ads only tempt us into fake links that use us for their promotion and they are... more

Play Flappy Bird Without Android or iOS [Online]

Play Flappy Bird without Android

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The most trending game on Play Store and iTunes is, Flappy Bird. Scoring high on Flappy Bird has really become a challenge for a gamer. There's been buzz around the whole social media and top blogs... more

Diwali Discounts on Laptops and Mobile Phones

Asus K55VM Laptop Discounts

5 years ago   4 comments

India is a country with tradition and religious beliefs. It is also famous in believing superstitious beliefs. However, such an attitude is being decreased in today's youth minds. People have gone... more

4 Tips To Find a Friend Whose Chat is Off on Facebook

Desktop Site Last Active time

5 years ago   57 comments

Facebook chat was once considered as the most worst chat of all but today, they have become a great tool for communicating with friends and clients. Earlier in 2009, when I joined Facebook, the site... more

10 Best Online Stores to Download Free eBooks

10 best online book stores to download free eBooks

6 years ago   5 comments

We require books for entertainment, knowledge gaining and more. We mainly buy books to kill our boredom and also to gain knowledge at that time instead of wasting time by sitting simply somewhere.... more

5 Best Online FTP Clients

Best Online FTP clients

6 years ago   4 comments

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is always essential to transfer files from your computer to web server or from a web server to your computer. A really an essential tool, though you use a site... more

Share Music Status on Facebook with Friends: Coming Soon


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You have many friends on Facebook. But really not all will be the people you really know. However, some will be more concern about their privacy on Facebook. It is considered to be the largest social... more

7 Most Trusted Websites to Earn Money Online

Freelancer jobs online

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Online earning is one of the latest trend to earn lot of money right from your home. Technology has brought it to people. This made most of the unemployed people to get employed. Youngsters who have... more

Top 10 Trendy Sites for Online Image Editing

6 years ago   12 comments

People are attracted towards an edited image than a original one. Most advanced users use Photoshop for getting best results in their image but learning Photoshop becomes the hardest thing. Though... more

Future Education to go Online? – A Gossip

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Education has become an essential part of human life. A survey on Future education has been taken by many educational institutes and forums. Online Education might be Eco Friendly as the Paper or... more