Nokia Dual SIM Touch Phone - Nokia Asha 308

Dual SIM Touch Phone Nokia Asha 308

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Nokia now launches a new dial SIM Touch screen Phone. Usually, people think that Dual SIM card phones are very slow and have some bugs. But, Nokia after the number of experiments, they have created a... more

Nokia's 41 MP PureView in Lumia [Leaked]

Nokia PureView Lumia Leaked

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Nokia, at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2012 unveiled its great technology of integrating a carl zeiss lens of 41 Mega Pixel. Nokia has planned to integrate the Nokia's 41 Mega Pixel PureView in... more

Create a Nokia App for your Website and Monetize it

7 years ago   1 comment

Nokia is the most trusted brand in the hearts of customers since the evolution of the very first mobile in Nokia. If you are a social site lover, you might have seen some funny images that shows the... more

Nokia 808 PureView: Pricing in India

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The most expected mobile of Nokia which contains 41 Mega Pixel of camera has really attracted the hearts of people all over the world. Even a photographer supports this. However, it won't come like a... more

Top 6 Nokia Mobiles below Rs.15,000

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Nokia has become the largest mobile phone suppliers in the world. Nokia is known for its quality, price and worth. We can't expect Android mobiles in Nokia but by itself gives unique features and... more