Jio Free Services To Match With Other Network Giants

Jio Free Services on Free SIM

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2016 is all about three things: Leo (Leonardo Dicaprio), Rio (Olympics 2016) and Jio. Reliance India wants to cover as much as possible and beat the competition with big network giants like Airtel,... more

Create RSS Feed App for WordPress blog [Android/iOS/Windows Phone]

Feed App for WordPress blog

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Now a days, I’ve been noticing myself interested in smartphone apps. I don’t own a smartphone but I hope, I’ll soon get a good one. Well, it’s not so mandatory for a... more

Charge Mobile Phone with Water Charging System

Charge Mobile Phone with Water

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Technology is developing much faster than ever. They make the human life much easier. Mobile phones are widely used by most of the people around the world. Now a days, people who make use of lot of... more

How To: Send Facebook Stickers from Computer

Facebook emoji on posts

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Facebook is unveiling lot of updates daily. Now a days, Facebook seems to concentrate on mobile part of Facebook. Even, the company introduces a new feature to mobile apps and then they introduce to... more

Best 5 HTC Mobiles below Rs 20000

HTC Rhyme

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We trust on HTC mobiles for the brand. The first company phone which integrated Windows Mobile Operating System on it's device. But, after days passed by, people ignored HTC's achievement of creating... more

Best Document / PDF Reader for Java Mobiles

Java PDF Reader

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After the evolution of smartphone and tablet computers, people have started to recycle their Java mobiles. Mainly, due to large number of applications available for iOS and Android, people started to... more

Use your Mobile as Gun: Fire anyone

Weaphones Gun Application iOS Apple

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Usage of mobile have become tremendous in this world. A device which is essential for all to communicate but also, it attracts youngsters and other people by bringing fun and interactive... more

Pre-Order your Samsung Projector Mobile – Galaxy Beam

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Samsung has become the most trusted and one of the popular mobile manufatucrer in the world. The recent release of Samsung Galaxy S3 made their flag to be high on air. However, it faced some... more

Edit your Hard Copy Documents or Letters with ABBY FineReader

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Humans make some mistake and we all know it.  At the time of creating a document, you will be more concentrated towards the content. But when we submit the hard copy to your boss or your head... more

Find Facebook Friends Near you [Update]

Find Facebook Friends Nearby

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Facebook does an update at least once in a week. I've been monitoring Facebook since I joined on it on 2009. Facebook brought many options on Facebook and also improved som of the features. The... more