MacBook Air 2018 - Most Portable & Lightest Laptop Ever

MacBook Air 2018

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Apple Special Event that happened today (October 30, 2018) is a big day for Apple and other Apple Laptop fans. The features in all new MacBook Air 2018 shows that Apple is listening to customers'... more

MacBook Not Charging? 3 Methods To Fix

MagSafe 2 Charger - MacBook not Charging

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Is your MacBook not charging, or is it charging only if you adjust your MagSafe charger? This means that either the port or the charger is dead. Read through this article to know what to do if your... more

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints Are Severe Than Pro Talks

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints

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The most prestigious and ultimate hardware from Apple is, a Mac. Whenever you speak about pricing and Apple, it is always overpriced. Apple is often meant for overpricing their products due to... more

Here's Why Apple Introduced Touch Bar Instead of Touch Screen

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints

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Apple is known for innovation in hardware and software. The family of Apple devices work seamlessly when they are connected. When Apple can introduce a log of devices that has better touch screens,... more

MacBook Pro 2016 Features [Leaked] - Coming Soon

New MacBook Pro 2016 Specifications

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Apple's MacBook Pro is one of the best laptops that you will ever see. Both regarding design and quality, Apple outranks and attracts every customer who buys MacBook Pro. Being an Apple fanatic just... more

2 Efficient Ways to Keep MacBook Cool [Prevent Overheating]

Keep MacBook Cool with smcFanControl software

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It is strange that the architecture of MacBooks are much different from a Windows laptop has. Most of the cooling pads focuses at the center of the laptop but these cooling pads don't perform better... more

Play/Pause & Change Song with Gesture Movements

Control Music with Gesture Controls on Mac and Windows

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You might have heard about technology that uses Arduino chips in order to connect various devices. There are a lot of campuses that use Arduino to show directions to a particular department just when... more

Apple Products at WWDC - iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and more

Macbook Air WWDC

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Yesterday, June 10, 2013 was a special day for Apple. The live event conducted yesterday at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) was getting viral among most of the smartphone users. The products... more

Security Breach on iCloud made a Hacker to Wipe all Data

iCloud Hacked Security breach

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Recent news says that there is a serious security breach on Apple's iCloud which make an Apple user to backup his files on web. A hacker managed to get into an iCloud account and was able to wipe out... more