How To: Like all Posts on Facebook News Feed or Timeline

Like all posts on Facebook

3 years ago   11 comments

We are back with Facebook tricks again! We want to get likes on our Facebook profile, for which we follow certain strategies. One of the most vital strategy that we assume is, "Like others' photo... more

How To Merge Two Different Page on Facebook [2013 Trick]

Suggest Edit on Facebook Page

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After lot of bugs which we saw people finding on Facebook, there is also a way to merge two different page which is of different name. Usually, Facebook shows pages of similar name but after making... more

How To Fake Likes on Facebook Page [Prank]

Fake likes on Facebook Pages

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Now a days, managing a page have become popular among the teenagers on Facebook. They want to become popular by managing a page and showing off a high volume fan base. Few months ago, people were... more

Like More Than Once on Facebook [How To]

Facebook Fake Likes Bug Web Links

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Facebook, being the most popular social networking these days is said to contain a bug in it. The bug does not appear internally on Facebook but Facebook Like buttons and recommend buttons available... more

How to: Embed Chat box in Facebook Page

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Facebook is a largest social media where people chats with each other to share personal matters. Chat box provided officially is always used for chatting but if you are a owner of renowned Facebook... more

Increasing Likes to your Facebook Post? You lose your Privacy

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Have you ever tried to increase likes for your Facebook Status or Photo or Video? Or At least, have you ever seen people getting thousands of likes to their Facebook Post though they have less... more

Tips for Getting more Likes to your Facebook Page

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Getting Likes on your Facebook page becomes a strategy for everyone. We might have seen pages that contains millions of likes in it. But how do they do it? Why can't you bring the same? It's... more