Google/Apple Emoji on Windows : Chrome Extension

chromoji chrome extension to support emoji

6 years ago   2 comments

Emojis have become  much cool after Apple started supporting on their mobile operating system, iOS. Also, the normal emoticons have become out-of-fashion. The smartphone world brings a new set of... more

Play Flappy Bird Without Android or iOS [Online]

Play Flappy Bird without Android

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The most trending game on Play Store and iTunes is, Flappy Bird. Scoring high on Flappy Bird has really become a challenge for a gamer. There's been buzz around the whole social media and top blogs... more

How To Use WhatsApp on BSNL? : BSNL Blocked WhatsApp

How To Use WhatsApp on BSNL

7 years ago   16 comments

Today, my phone was idle and I didn't receive any WhatsApp notifications from friends. One of my friend sent an SMS saying, "Hey dude! I've sent a photo on WhatsApp, please upload it on your Facebook... more

Apple iOS in Car Dashboard : General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Hyundai

Apple iOS in Car dashboard

7 years ago   1 comment

Recently, Apple said that they are working with some of automotive companies. Those companies include General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Hyundai. Apple is planning to integrate its software... more

Apple Products at WWDC - iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and more

Macbook Air WWDC

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Yesterday, June 10, 2013 was a special day for Apple. The live event conducted yesterday at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) was getting viral among most of the smartphone users. The products... more

A Hacker managed to use Google Maps on iOS 6

Google Maps for iOS 6

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Apple removed Google Maps from its iOS 6 and integrated Apple's own homegrown Maps on its iOS 6. A recent news report says that a hacker was able to load Google Maps on iOS 6. The trick for using... more

Use your Mobile as Gun: Fire anyone

Weaphones Gun Application iOS Apple

8 years ago   2 comments

Usage of mobile have become tremendous in this world. A device which is essential for all to communicate but also, it attracts youngsters and other people by bringing fun and interactive... more

Make your Own Rage Comic with your Photo - Trollolol [iOS App]

Share instantly Trollolol

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Rage comics and Rage faces have become more popular these days on Internet, especially Websites which contain entertainment based stuffs. These become a new way to represent some conversation or any... more

Twitter Update for iPhone - Well Improved and More Faster

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Twitter, which is considered to be the most popular social networking for celebrities and people provide application for smartphone and almost all mobiles. A Twitter update for iPhone 4.3 has been... more

Install Smartphone Apps on your Computer [How To]

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Smartphone has become more popular among people in the world. The main reason is availability of numerous Applications of smartphone. Each platform deserves its own features. For now, Apple's iOS... more