[WhatsApp] Send Message Without Changing Last Seen – How To

Send Message Without Changing Last Seen

5 months ago   2 comments

Last seen on WhatsApp is one of the reasons why most of the relationships break. If a guy and a girl are truly in love with each other, there should be a trust. If there isn’t, there are chances... more

How To Find Safari Version on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Find Safari Version on iPhone

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I always wanted to stick with the latest version of software that I use on my computer or smartphone. I am a web developer too. As a developer, I often recommend people to update their system to... more

Transfer and Sync Music From iPhone to iTunes

2 years ago   2 comments

If you have reinstalled iTunes, then you will be in need of transferring all your favorite music from iPhone to iTunes. Most users think that it will be a long process and they will have to invest... more

Google/Apple Emoji on Windows : Chrome Extension

chromoji chrome extension to support emoji

3 years ago   2 comments

Emojis have become  much cool after Apple started supporting on their mobile operating system, iOS. Also, the normal emoticons have become out-of-fashion. The smartphone world brings a new set of... more

Play Flappy Bird Without Android or iOS [Online]

Play Flappy Bird without Android

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The most trending game on Play Store and iTunes is, Flappy Bird. Scoring high on Flappy Bird has really become a challenge for a gamer. There's been buzz around the whole social media and top blogs... more

How To Use WhatsApp on BSNL? : BSNL Blocked WhatsApp

How To Use WhatsApp on BSNL

4 years ago   13 comments

Today, my phone was idle and I didn't receive any WhatsApp notifications from friends. One of my friend sent an SMS saying, "Hey dude! I've sent a photo on WhatsApp, please upload it on your Facebook... more

Apple iOS in Car Dashboard : General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Hyundai

Apple iOS in Car dashboard

4 years ago   1 comment

Recently, Apple said that they are working with some of automotive companies. Those companies include General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Hyundai. Apple is planning to integrate its software... more

Apple Products at WWDC – iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and more

Macbook Air WWDC

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Yesterday, June 10, 2013 was a special day for Apple. The live event conducted yesterday at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) was getting viral among most of the smartphone users. The products... more

A Hacker managed to use Google Maps on iOS 6

Google Maps for iOS 6

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Apple removed Google Maps from its iOS 6 and integrated Apple's own homegrown Maps on its iOS 6. A recent news report says that a hacker was able to load Google Maps on iOS 6. The trick for... more

Use your Mobile as Gun: Fire anyone

Weaphones Gun Application iOS Apple

5 years ago   2 comments

Usage of mobile have become tremendous in this world. A device which is essential for all to communicate but also, it attracts youngsters and other people by bringing fun and interactive... more