Will Netflix in India wins? Not Everywhere

Netflix in India Pricing

3 years ago   4 comments

India is a developing country and Netflix, which is an online movie streaming website launched in India. The starting price of Netflix subscription is ₹500 and it does not have HD though... more

Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues Before Contacting Customer Care

Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity with SNR Value

3 years ago   2 comments

I live in an area where Internet connectivity is poor. My locality has only one Internet Service Provider and they provide a very poor service and support. I faced and still facing a lot of troubles... more

Prevent Facebook From Stealing Browsing History

Prevent Facebook From Stealing Browsing History

4 years ago   1 comment

Did you know that Facebook steals your browsing history and displays relevant ads? Facebook uses your browser cookies to show ads on products and services. Your browsing history is considered as the... more

Download Antivirus Offline Updates and Install [How To & Where To]

AVG Offline Update

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A third-party Antivirus has now become an important tool installed on Windows computer despite the lot of security improvements taken by Microsoft to remove harmful malicious... more

High Speed WiFi Enabled Car in India [BSNL]

WiFi enabled cars in India

5 years ago   1 comment

BSNL has launched its first WiFi enabled car in India. BSNL is supposed to be the first service provider to provide internet service in a car. Users can access internet connection while they are... more

How To Speed up Internet : Stay Away from Recent Internet Attack [India]

Speed up internet

5 years ago   1 comment

Due to the recent internet attack, whole world is suffering a problem in internet speed. Though some of the users are not facing problems with internet speed, most of the people around the world have... more

Increase Internet Speed in SpeedTest.Net Results [Spoof]

Increase Internet Speed using Speedtest spoofer

6 years ago   5 comments

Recently, I changed my internet plan which offered me great speed at cheaper rates. As I am a Facebook addict, I posted the speedtest.net results on Facebook. SpeedTest result said that my speed is... more

Pre Register for Google Fiber – Faster Internet Connection Ever

Google Fiber Internet Speed

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Google, the internet giant and technology expert is going to introduce Google Fiber. It is nothing but a internet service from Google provided to certain cities at United States of America. The... more

Tips to Limit your Internet Data usage

6 years ago   4 comments

Internet is open and available to all people on the world. Now a days, internet users have increased to billions. Most of the users have a fast broadband internet connection. The days when... more