Access Adobe Photoshop on Cloud : Enabled for India

Adobe Photoshop on Cloud

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We all might have edited a photo. Most of our wish as a beginner in Photoshop is to move a face to another picture. A computer savvy person should have really wished to become well versed in... more

Blackberry Z10 in India for Rs. 40,000

BlackBerry Z10 price in India

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Smartphones have been becoming popular these days in India. Statistically, people aged below 25 are using smartphones. Though smartphones are highly essential for business people, they attract most... more

Apple iPhone 5 in India on November 2

Apple iPhone 5 App store

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The craze if smartphone has been spread well across the country. Once upon a time, people preferred only the basic model and cheap mobile phones. But, as the technology made the human life more... more

Samsung Galaxy Note II Launched in India for Rs. 39,900

Samsung Galaxy Note II Showcase

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Samsung is much keen on their improvement of smartphones and tablet computers. After the success of Samsung Galaxy Note I in India, Samsung has decided to sell its new Samsung Galaxy Note II in... more

Pre Order Sony Xperia Neo L in India on Flipkart

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Sony Ericsson, which has recently changed to Sony releases more awesome model mobile phones in the market. The Sony's Xperia version has really got craze in the mobile market. It has made more users... more

How To : Create your Own Anonymous Mask

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Recently, a mask or a character from a movie V for Vendetta got famous not only because of its appearance but also due to usage of the character by a hacker group Anonymous India. Who are these... more

Pre-Order your Samsung Projector Mobile - Galaxy Beam

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Samsung has become the most trusted and one of the popular mobile manufatucrer in the world. The recent release of Samsung Galaxy S3 made their flag to be high on air. However, it faced some... more

Flame - New Type of Highly Infectious Computer Virus

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Computer viruses are harmful to all the activity we carry out in it. A good computer user will use a best Antivirus to protect himself from viruses. What if, your Antivirus doesn't protect you from... more

Google Apps verification Troubleshoot: IndiaGetOnline

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IndiaGetOnline is a free website service for Indian business people who do small business in the country. A collaboration with HostGator by Google has made the Indian business people to register a... more

Nokia 808 PureView: Pricing in India

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The most expected mobile of Nokia which contains 41 Mega Pixel of camera has really attracted the hearts of people all over the world. Even a photographer supports this. However, it won't come like a... more