Become Famous on Facebook with 10 Steps

Become famous on Facebook

5 years ago   4 comments

Many people out there have a goal to become famous on Facebook. It can even be the momentary fame, they just want to be in the limelight for once. As we know it, Facebook is a huge social networking... more

Share Facebook Page with Animated Picture [2013]

Share animated picture in Facebook page

5 years ago   39 comments

Some  more animated stuffs for  you! In the previous post, I shared how to post animated pictures on Facebook group. I saw people trying out those tricks and mailing me that it works perfectly.... more

How To Get New News Feed on Facebook Before Official Update

Get New News Feed on Facebook before official update

5 years ago   4 comments

CryptLife is back with Facebook tricks and tips. Facebook tricks do not work always. Some of the Facebook tricks are evolved by taking an advantage of a bug that exist on the site. When people... more

How To: Post Emoji on Facebook Posts and Comments [2013 Working]

Facebook emojis or emoticons

5 years ago   9 comments

Emojis are the characters which resembles a text but appears graphically. The term 'Emoji' is a Japanese word which means picture letter. They appear attractive to the people who are viewing it.... more

How to: Create Own Google Chrome Themes

Create own Google Chrome Themes

6 years ago   3 comments

Google Chrome has just brought most of the people's attention to it. Users of other browser have just migrated to Google Chrome considering its speed and memory consumption. I have already written a... more

How to: Post Animated Pictures on Facebook as Page

Extended Permissions Dialog Alternate

6 years ago   42 comments

Recently, I wrote three articles regarding how to post animated pictures on Facebook. I got good feedback from that. So, I would like to share another trick to post animated pictures on Facebook... more

How To: Use Alan Turing Google Doodle – Working Principle

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Today, June 23rd 2012 is the 100th birthday of Alan Turing who is a multi talented person. He is an expertise in mathematics and computers. Basically, he is a logic lover and crypt analyst. Google,... more

[How to] Apply Droste effect in Facebook Cover Photo

6 years ago   19 comments

Have you ever searched for Facebook Cover photo on Google or vendors who provide cover photo for Facebook profiles? If you have, then you must be surely known about this effect. you might have seen... more