Features of Chromebook Pixel : Get the Faster and Powerful Laptop

Google Chromebook Pixel Features

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Google is working hard bring out latest and smartest technology in the hands of people. Google might be the top most company but no other company provides their services or products for free. Google... more

Share 2013 Resolution with World : Google Zeitgeist

2013 resolution Google

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Google, the Internet giant always reaches people in a special manner on special events. Not only special events, they serve better things to people with their variety of products. As an usual change,... more

Enable Smooth Scrolling on Google Chrome like Firefox without any Extension

Smooth scrolling on Google Chrome without any extension

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The smooth scrolling feature which existed in recent versions of Mozilla Firefox attracted most of the Google Chrome users. Statistically, Google Chrome users increased a lot when compared to Firefox... more

Google X Phone might replace Apple iPhone

X Phone by Google might replace iPhone

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Google, a web pioneer has acquired Motorola few months ago. Google is well versed with their  Android smartphones manufactured by Samsung and other companies. Smartphone users have grown well with... more

Google Santa Tracker wishes Happy Christmas to your beloved

Google Santa Tracker

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It's festive and holiday season. Google celebrates Christmas in a grand manner. Within four days, people around the world will be celebrating Christmas. Santa clause will be coming with surprise... more

Service Disruption in GMail and Google Drive

Service Disruption in GMail

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GMail is one of the popular Email service provided to people all around the world. Business people communicate easily through Email service provided by GMail. For few minutes there was a service... more

Google Search Redesigned in a New View : Left Sidebar Removed

Google Search Tools Filter Option New Interface

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Google, which is an internet giant works every day to bring out a better search experience. The most prominent thing in Google is, they update their services regularly just to make their users to... more

Have Custom Name for Google Plus account [How to]

Custom Name for Google Plus

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A shortened URL can be made use for sharing a page on the internet in the reality. Usually, when we share a Facebook profile in reality, it really becomes more safer and easier to share your profile... more

A Hacker managed to use Google Maps on iOS 6

Google Maps for iOS 6

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Apple removed Google Maps from its iOS 6 and integrated Apple's own homegrown Maps on its iOS 6. A recent news report says that a hacker was able to load Google Maps on iOS 6. The trick for using... more

Pre Register for Google Fiber - Faster Internet Connection Ever

Google Fiber Internet Speed

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Google, the internet giant and technology expert is going to introduce Google Fiber. It is nothing but a internet service from Google provided to certain cities at United States of America. The... more