Google Pixel 2 : Competitor For iPhone Coming Soon

Google Pixel 2 is Coming

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The recent Apple Event was a grand success to the company and also it made Apple's competitors to what to introduce on their devices. Google is undoubtedly an innovative company, just like Apple. A... more

Hack ICC Champions Google Doodle To Get High Score

Hack ICC Champions Google Doodle 2017

1 year ago   2 comments

Google Doodles are the special way for Google to show support for a particular event by changing its logo. Most of the times, Google's logo is a fun. To support ICC Champions Trophy 2017, Google... more

How To: Block Unusual Spam Referral Traffic to Your Website

Filters to Block Unusual Spam Referral Traffic

2 years ago   4 comments

Getting an accurate analytics report for your website or blog is one of the important things to analyse the further steps that can be taken for improving the site. When you own a website or blog, it... more

How to Do On Page SEO for Ecommerce Sites

On Page SEO for Ecommerce Sites

4 years ago   2 comments

As far as search engine optimization is concerned, on-page optimization means the aspects that influence the listing of your webpage in natural search results. These aspects are under the control of... more

Google/Apple Emoji on Windows : Chrome Extension

chromoji chrome extension to support emoji

4 years ago   2 comments

Emojis have become  much cool after Apple started supporting on their mobile operating system, iOS. Also, the normal emoticons have become out-of-fashion. The smartphone world brings a new set of... more

How To Switch Back to Old New Tab Page on Chrome

Switch to old new tab page on chrome

5 years ago   8 comments

The recent Google Chrome update has integrated its search homepage on new tab page. Google has made the users to search for something very quickly than they do before but the appearance of the new... more

Send Large Emails to Google Groups Email Address [Tips]

Send large Google Group emails

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Google Groups is one of the most used service by students and also other people who work at companies. When your boss or teacher likes to send an email to everyone with a single click, then he or she... more

3 Best Chrome Extensions To Share Links Instantly On Facebook, Twitter and more

Shareaholic Chrome extension to share links instantly on Facebook

5 years ago   2 comments

In daily life, we browse internet for gaining lot of knowledge. Who is not on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ ? Everyone has an account on various social networking sites and share lots of information... more

Easy Remove Inactive Friends From Google+ Cirlces

Remvoe inactive friends on Google+

5 years ago   2 comments

Google is working hard to bring users from other social networking sites, particularly Facebook to its own social networking site, Google+. The concept followed by Google+ is an unique concept where... more

Turn Apps into Trojan – Android Vulnerability

Turn Apps into Trojan

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Bluebox security research team has found a serious security flaw on Android devices. The Android device running version 1.6 (Donut) and later versions contain this serious flaw. With this... more