Easy Remove Inactive Friends From Google+ Cirlces

Remvoe inactive friends on Google+

5 years ago   2 comments

Google is working hard to bring users from other social networking sites, particularly Facebook to its own social networking site, Google+. The concept followed by Google+ is an unique concept where... more

10 Social Networking Sites You Do Not Know

Social Networking Sites You Do Not Know

5 years ago   2 comments

We have been using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Have you ever wondered about other social networking sites which still run now without popularity? Though they are not... more

Poke Friends with a Message, Photo or Video [Facebook]

Poke Friends with Custom Message

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Facebook is becoming more fun for youngsters these days. Sharing is always considered as caring in every aspects. People share photos, status, videos and more. If friends become close, they might... more

Auto Suggest: Increase Friends and Subscribers on Facebook

Auto Suggest Increase Friends and Subscribers on Facebook

6 years ago   10 comments

It's been long time since I wrote a post on this blog. I guess this post will make you more easier in suggesting friends on Facebook. We could see many newbies on Facebook but how do they connect to... more

Update: Google Places is Now Google+ Local [For iOS]

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The application which Google provided to iOS used to find places is now renamed to Google+ Local. This name change includes certain features what Google Places provided and also the important one is,... more

Increasing Likes to your Facebook Post? You lose your Privacy

6 years ago   4 comments

Have you ever tried to increase likes for your Facebook Status or Photo or Video? Or At least, have you ever seen people getting thousands of likes to their Facebook Post though they have less... more

How to: Remove Friends in Bulk on Facebook – Working 2012 Trick

6 years ago   23 comments

Having less friends makes us to feel lonely but at the same time, if you have more friends, you will be receiving large number of notifications in short span of time. Some people receive many Chat... more

Play Angry birds on your Friend’s Timeline – Bet them

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The Game Angry Birds has become popular in everyone's mind. Most of the Facebook users and Android users might have came to know about this game. When Rovio introduced Angry Birds in Android Mobiles,... more

Tips for Getting more Likes to your Facebook Page

6 years ago   5 comments

Getting Likes on your Facebook page becomes a strategy for everyone. We might have seen pages that contains millions of likes in it. But how do they do it? Why can't you bring the same? It's... more