Response from TRAI after Protesting Against Free Basics

Response of TRAI for protesting against Free Basics

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This year has been a year of protest to save the Internet for India. Free Basics a.k.a. by Facebook has come forward to provide Internet access to people has not yet connected to... more

Access Free Basics on Desktop in Other Mobile Providers [How To]

Free Basics Full

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Free Basics or is a Facebook initiative that aims to bring internet connectivity with basic services to people who has got no access to internet before. Basic services include health,... more

How To: Like all Posts on Facebook News Feed or Timeline

Like all posts on Facebook

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We are back with Facebook tricks again! We want to get likes on our Facebook profile, for which we follow certain strategies. One of the most vital strategy that we assume is, "Like others' photo... more

How To: Send Bulk Messages on Facebook

How to send bulk messages on Facebook with oCommunity Suite

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What's up? It's been days since I posted a Facebook trick. Today I am back with a new trick. "How to send bulk messages on Facebook?" - this is a common question asked by most of the people who do... more

Digital India is No Way Related with Zuckerberg’s

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Digital India is a purely Prime Minister Modi's initiative for the betterment of India to have a digitally connected country. As science and technology have become an important part of a country's... more

Turn Off All Game Requests on Facebook Easily [How To]

Facebook app notifications disabled

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There are a lot of games that are introduced to Facebook and people get addicted to them once they become much interesting when people are bored. Initially, Facebook gave us the option to disable... more

7 Cool Apps for Facebook Messenger To Send Crazy Messages

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In a recent update to Facebook Messenger, the company has enabled developers to develop apps that work specially for Messenger. As a result, several apps has been already listed for the users to... more

Have Multiple Username on Facebook [Dot Trick]

Multiple username on Facebook

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It's really been a long time since I updated this blog. Today morning, when I was in a phone call with my friend, I landed on her Facebook profile by typing in her username after the ""... more

How To Protect Yourself From Cybercrime : Rise of Cybercriminal [Infographic]

Protect yourself from cybercrime

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Now-a-days, a lot of websites are breached and a lot of those breaches go unreported or unnoticed. A breach may not look as a big issue when it is found on a small website which is not enough... more

Google/Apple Emoji on Windows : Chrome Extension

chromoji chrome extension to support emoji

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Emojis have become  much cool after Apple started supporting on their mobile operating system, iOS. Also, the normal emoticons have become out-of-fashion. The smartphone world brings a new set of... more