How To: Send Facebook Stickers from Computer

Facebook emoji on posts

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Facebook is unveiling lot of updates daily. Now a days, Facebook seems to concentrate on mobile part of Facebook. Even, the company introduces a new feature to mobile apps and then they introduce to... more

5 Best Tools to Convert Speech to Text

Convert Speech to Text

6 years ago   3 comments

Computers are not only designed for non challenged people. They are also made for challenged people. Persons who live in the world by taking life as a challenge really needs a computer to... more

TeamViewer like App for Android to control a PC

TeamViewer like App to control PC from Android

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Android is really becoming popular among people over the world. Statistically, Android users are more when compared to other mobile users like iOS, Symbian etc. We recently posted about the Symbian... more

Tablet Computers for Education : HCL MyEdu and HCL Me

Tablet Computer for Education

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Education in India has become more important. Not only in India. Generally, education is always more important in one's life. The skills inside a person is identified only with the help of education.... more

40 Computer or Geek match words for Lifestyle words

Computer Geeky match Words

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In the daily life, we live, we do something interesting to make the day better. For example, a man can make his wife happy by presenting something special to his wife. In our day to day life,... more

Download Whole Website on your Computer [How to]

Download whole website HTTrack Website Copier

6 years ago   2 comments

We browse lot of websites and download lots of files from websites. Have you ever thought of downloading the whole site? It's possible with HTTrack Website Copier. Now, you can download whole website... more

A Security Breach on FBI Computer made Hackers to get Personal Details of Apple users

AntiSec hacked FBI to get Apple Users using a security breach

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A recent news tells that a group of Hackers, who are named as AntiSec managed to get into a FBI Laptop computer. Hackers, who got access through a security breach on FBI computer, found something... more

Top 5 Good Configured Netbook under Rs 20000

Samsung NP-N100S-E01IN

6 years ago   5 comments

People have started buying Netbooks than to prefer a Laptop. The evolution of Ultrabooks have really replaced the disadvantages  that a Laptop face, that is, the weight. Ultrabooks are much... more

How to Choose a Best Antivirus Software for your Computer

Choose a best Antivirus

6 years ago   4 comments

Certain things are to be considered while you choose a best antivirus. It is always a must to have your own computer more secure and safe. As the world you face now depends mostly on an electronic... more

Check, Detect and Remove DNS Changer Malware from your Computer

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The talk among the people about the Malware, DNS (Domain Name System) changer has been increased. Tomorrow, July 9, 2012 is the date that was supposed to be take in effect. The malware has been... more