Google Pixel 2 : Competitor For iPhone Coming Soon

Google Pixel 2 is Coming

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The recent Apple Event was a grand success to the company and also it made Apple's competitors to what to introduce on their devices. Google is undoubtedly an innovative company, just like Apple. A... more

iPhone 8 Specs and Design Will Outrank Pixel

iPhone 8 Specs and Design will outrank Google Pixel

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After the launch of Google Pixel, reviewers reviewed Google Pixel for the first time and amazed of its quality and wondered of becoming a competitor for iPhone. Except Google Pixel, no other... more

Apple Replaces Camera and Battery for Free of Charge

Apple replaces camera and battery for free

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"Pay for what you get." - This is the motto which we follow to buy anything from anywhere. We often get disappointed when we do not get things for what we paid. Apple has carefully managed to satisfy... more

Choose & Adjust Better Shutter Speed for Good Photography [Infographic]

Choose & Adjust best shutter speed

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Now-a-days most of the people started to buy DSLR camera. The interest behind the photography started to develop in people's mind when other photographers uploaded their photographs on social media... more

Madeleine: Device To Capture Smell [Scentography]

Madeleine Capture Smell

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Technologists and scientist have been working hard to innovate new stuffs. No one would have imagined that we can capture small and then recreate them for feeling the same in future. Madeleine, a new... more

7 Top Tips before buying a Camera

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Photography is becoming a hobby and even passion now-a-days in young minds. People are likely to carry cameras wherever they go and snap whatever they like. With this article, I like to share some... more

Top 5 iPhone Apps getting Popular Recently

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Recently, iPhone Apps have got popular among people around the world. The users of iPhone 4S has got increased tremendously around the world. Some of the iPhone Applications on the iTunes Store has... more

How to: Turn your Old PC into Home Security System without any cost

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Security is an important factor in all types of category. Whatever it may be, your computer, car, phone, friend or your home. Keeping home safe is an important part in human's life because the we may... more

A Better Smartphone by Samsung: Galaxy S III

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Samsung Galaxy S III is now unveiled with great features. The features looks like the world entering into a new generation of Artificial intelligence, it looks like. Smart character of a... more