Change Copyright Year Automatically On Your Blog [How To]

Change Copyright Year Automatically

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New to tech or a newbie blogger? You should have probably installed a free theme on your blog, maybe, sometimes premium theme if you have taken your blogging journey a serious one. Most of the free... more

Create RSS Feed App for WordPress blog [Android/iOS/Windows Phone]

Feed App for WordPress blog

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Now a days, I’ve been noticing myself interested in smartphone apps. I don’t own a smartphone but I hope, I’ll soon get a good one. Well, it’s not so mandatory for a... more

Basic Requirements To Start a Website or Blog

Basic requirements to start a website

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Now a days, there are lot of people starting their own customized website and blogs. People who love to write always choose to blog and people who want to promote a brand, starts a website. There is... more

Now Embed Public Posts On Websites/Blogs [Facebook]

Embed public posts

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Like Twitter, Facebook has now brought a new feature to embed your post on a website or a blog. This feature is pretty much cool when you want to share a Facebook post with your blog readers or your... more

5 Effective Ways to Minimize Typo Errors on Blog Post

Minimize Mistakes on Blog post

5 years ago   7 comments

Bloggers do mistakes while writing a post but those mistakes can be minimized by following certain methods. Mistakes on a blog post doesn't look fair and professional. Those mistakes would really... more

10+ Ways to Get Inspired in Blogging

Ways to get inspired by blogging

5 years ago   8 comments

Blogging is a way to share ideas of a blogger to people around the world. Even, Internet functions just because of bloggers. Bloggers share information or ideas to people on the web. Can you imagine... more

3 Ways to Find WordPress Plugin used by a Blog

Google Plugin used by a WordPress blog

6 years ago   5 comments

A WordPress blog might require a number of plugins for adding additional functionality to the blog. A blog which was used as a personal diary is now made commercial. In the competitive world of... more

Get Topics to Write on your blog from 5 Best Sources

Topics to write on blog

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Blogging is an activity where Blogger must provide a clear and authentic information to people. They must not have intention only to earn money through blogging. When they do their work perfectly,... more

5 Types of Post that drives more Traffic to your Blog

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Blogging looks easy but if you work on it, the real strain and difficulty severely affects on you. It is an interesting job. People who blog just flow out of words though they weren't able to speak.... more

How to : Backup your WordPress files to Dropbox

6 years ago   2 comments

Every Blogger‘s work is not only to write posts and keep people up to date about the news or other stuff they provide on their blog. They must also be cautious towards their security of their... more