Android Gaming: How To Protect From Hacking?

Protect From Hacking

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Gaming has evolved over the years to incorporate smaller devices such as phones, tablets and iPods among other devices. The reason for gaming on these devices is that it is more convenient. These... more

7 Cool Apps for Facebook Messenger To Send Crazy Messages

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In a recent update to Facebook Messenger, the company has enabled developers to develop apps that work specially for Messenger. As a result, several apps has been already listed for the users to... more

3+ Ways to Develop Android Apps Without Java

Develop Android Apps without Java

8 years ago   8 comments

Competing with the iOS from Apple, Android has attracted a lot of users for the past few years. Since they are available for free, number of developers have increased to a great extent and as a... more

5 Popular & Free Android Apps For Google Chrome

Temple Run Android App for Google Chrome

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There is always been craze for Android smartphones in countries like India. As they support a hell lot of games and apps, most of the youngsters go for it than choosing iOS or Windows Phone. Most of... more

Warning: Keep your Internet Explorer Updated

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What version of Windows do you use? Windows 7 or Windows 8? Have you ever noticed that you once used Internet Explorer to download your other browsers? The Microsoft's only web browser, Windows... more

4 Android Games For Visually Challenged Users

Zarodnik Ocean Game for Blinds

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Technology should not be available only to certain group of people. Scientifically, people who are handicapped are more intelligent than normal ones. Researchers and computer scientists have already... more

Why To Buy Windows Phone instead of Android?

Why To Buy Windows Phone instead of Android

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There's been craze among the people to choose Android smartphone. Wherever I go, I could see people using Android smartphones than Microsoft's Windows Phone. There are lot more reasons behind why... more

5 Best Voice Changing Apps for Android

Voice Changer for Android

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People buy Android for numerous free apps available in Android store. Not only due to free apps but also, those products ensure quality before it is sent to customer's hand. Android, one of the... more

5 Android Apps to Create Custom Vibrations

Create Custom Vibrations in Android

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Smartphone users might have known about the Custom Vibrations that they can create with their smartphone and can have it as a message or call vibrating tone. The iOS 6 Beta has integrated a feature... more

Install Smartphone Apps on your Computer [How To]

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Smartphone has become more popular among people in the world. The main reason is availability of numerous Applications of smartphone. Each platform deserves its own features. For now, Apple's iOS... more