Share Facebook Page with Animated Picture [2013]

Share animated picture in Facebook page

5 years ago   39 comments

Some  more animated stuffs for  you! In the previous post, I shared how to post animated pictures on Facebook group. I saw people trying out those tricks and mailing me that it works perfectly.... more

Post Animated Pictures On Facebook Group [2013 Working Trick]

Create Doc for Animated Pictures

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It's been long time since I wrote a post on CryptLife. I would like to share one of the interesting trick that you might like on Facebook. As we were wondering about the animated pictures on... more

Upload Animated Picture in Facebook Page Tab [How To]

Change Animated Picture in Page Tab on Facebook

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Facebook has a serious bug where animated pictures can easily be uploaded to Facebook. The bug existed in from earlier days since I wrote about many articles regarding this. Initially, people were... more

How To: Share Page with Animated Pictures on Facebook [2013 Trick]

Animated Pictures on Facebook Page Tab error fix

6 years ago   83 comments

Tricks on Facebook has become popular and amazing with people. Usually a trick on Facebook will always use a bug that prevails on Facebook. A very recent bug on Facebook made people to have only the... more

See Friendship : Animated Pictures on Facebook Cover

Animated pictures on Facebook See Friendship Cover photo

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I could see some animated pictures that are still animating on Facebook cover but not directly one's timeline. I could notice that See Friendship interface on Facebook has been changed from wall to... more

Send Animated Pictures in Facebook Chat [How to]

Animated Pictures Chat Private Message

6 years ago   6 comments

The most used social network, Facebook is the only place we used to share our sorrows and happiness than in reality. I've seen people who put always sad status but if I personally ask them or Private... more

How to: Post Animated Pictures on Facebook as Page

Extended Permissions Dialog Alternate

6 years ago   42 comments

Recently, I wrote three articles regarding how to post animated pictures on Facebook. I got good feedback from that. So, I would like to share another trick to post animated pictures on Facebook... more

Upload Animated Pictures on Facebook Page/Profile [Cover Photo and Life Events]

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Now, it's time for you to place an animated picture on Facebook for your page. The method instructed to insert animated pictures on Facebook profile is completely a different one, that is, by... more

Post Animated Pictures on Facebook Groups and Timeline [How to]

Success Post Animated Pictures

6 years ago   25 comments

I wrote a post already to insert animated picture on Facebook cover photo and life events. You need the tutorial of them to understand or follow with this post. Please have a look in that article... more