After 4 Years of iPhone, I Switched to Android: Here's What Happened

Call Recorder Permission

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I am not a fanboy but I was enjoying Apple ecosystem. The first Apple product that I bought was MacBook Pro Mid 2014 and I was excited about using it due to its user experience. I loved my Macbook's... more

Celebrities Often Criticized For Posting To Twitter From iPhone - Why?

Celebritites Post Twitter for iPhone

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Most of the celebrities do use iPhone but goes as a brand ambassador for an Android smartphone manufacturer. We might have seen several tweets where they claim to have taken a picture from an Android... more

How To: Create Custom WhatsApp Stickers for Android

Create Custom WhatsApp Stickers for Android

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We recently covered how to create custom WhatsApp stickers for iPhone. That was really a way where you need a MacBook and an iPhone. In this tutorial, you will see how to create custom WhatsApp... more

Buy Pixel 3 - Best Long-Term Investment

Buy Pixel 3

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Purchasing a smartphone is not just for the features that the company offer, but also the durability of the hardware and software updates they seed to their devices. We recently posted a blog post... more

Android Flagship Phones - Sell Them for Peanuts After 2 Years 😡

Samsung Pays Penalty

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It is sad to see that Android flagship phones receive only 2 years of OS updates from the manufacturer. For a flagship phone, where a customer spends a lot of money to buy them receives only two... more

[WhatsApp] Send Message Without Changing Last Seen – How To

WhatsApp without Phone number

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Last seen on WhatsApp is one of the reasons why most of the relationships break. If a guy and a girl are truly in love with each other, there should be a trust. If there isn’t, there are chances... more

Will Your Phone Get Android Nougat Update? Here Is The List

Get Android Nougat Update

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It is big news for all Android fans around the world after Google announced the name for next Android. It's proudly named after a Spanish sweet name, Nougat. Indians are a bit disappointed in this as... more

Hike is Better Than WhatsApp But Not On iOS

Hike is better than WhatsApp

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We live in an internet world and we consume a lot of data everyday using social media. SMS is almost not available except for the purposes of verification messages. Hike is awesome to provide free... more

Android to Avoid Technology Obsolescence : Be Smart with Google

Avoid Technology Obsolescence with Android

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Are you a fan of any tech company other than Google? A fan of Microsoft? Apple? Well, this post is not targeted to praise Google and offend other most popular tech companies. I'm a big fan of... more

Create Android App For Facebook Page [How To]

App Yet Android App creation

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You got a Facebook Page? You want to earn money through the page? Then you should be reading this. You make a lot of posts each day and extend your page to several people word wide. The only strategy... more