Hike is Better Than WhatsApp But Not On iOS

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We live in an internet world and we consume a lot of data everyday using social media. SMS is almost not available except for the purposes of verification messages. Hike is awesome to provide free SMS and the way Hike works is just awesome. Hike for Android is amazing and you could have a very great experience on Android. Hike for iOS is stable but lacks a lot of features than compared to the features that Hike for Android have. I can only say that Hike is better than WhatsApp but not on iOS.

Hike is better than WhatsApp

There are a lot of reasons why Hike is a better messenger than WhatsApp. The way it works is great on iOS. Hike is a messenger that works like a mini Instagram with status messages included.

What features do Hike lack when it's on iOS?

Well, here are some of the features that Hike don't provide to iOS users while it just works fine with Hike for Android.

Hike Call

Hike Call is still not available on iOS. When Hike for Android users call Hike for iOS users, iOS users do receive a notification that they are calling, but not able to answer it. When the app is opened, you just can't find anywhere to answer the call. You even don't know who called you if you have not noticed about the caller in the notification itself.

Double Tick Even if Data is Off

You can notice that if you message any iOS user using Hike, you can only see is a double tick which means that your message is delivered. Even if the recipient's phone is not connected to internet, it still shows a double tick. I could often see couples fighting for not noticing about the notification for a long time.

Reply as SMS

Reply as SMS option on iOS isn't available on Hike for iOS. You can only send SMS to a non-hike user using Hike. Some users complain that this isn't working even if the recipient is not on DND.

Sticker Suggestions

As you type, Hike for Android has a way to suggest stickers.  This feature is not available on Hike for iOS.

Hike does not utilises the full features of iOS. In a recent iOS 9 update, Apple has introduced several features. While all other apps have updated their apps for users to use the latest iOS features, Hike is slow in rolling out updates for iOS users.

Here is one of the iOS feature that are available on most of the popular iOS apps but not on Hike.

Quick Reply

The latest iOS operating system has introduced a feature of Quick Reply where users can reply to messages through notifications and without opening the app. Hangouts, Messenger and WhatsApp have already brought this feature to their apps making the user experience much better than earlier. On Hike for iOS, when you swipe down the notification, you will see a Reply option but you have to open up the app in order to reply to messages.

Hope, the Quick Reply feature comes soon on Hike in the next update.

In a recent update, Hike for iOS has added a support for 3D touch on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. However, Hike should catalyse the development process for iOS.

Are you a Hike user on iOS device? Do you feel little old while you are using Hike after using other social media messengers such as WhatsApp, Hangouts and Messenger? Share your thought in the comments below.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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