Halo 4 for Xbox 360 is Released for Rs. 3,299

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Competition prevails everywhere in this world. People say that life is more competitive. To achieve success, we need to beat up competition. “Gaming” is a concept created not only for the entertainment purposes but also it teaches how to manage stuffs in a situation of heavy competition. Gaming teaches good things to a gamer. In this business world, the Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox 360 have become popular. As business is also a competitive one, Sony and Microsoft work hard to provide people a better gaming experience. The latest game from Microsoft has been released recently. Indian Gamers were waiting for the game eagerly. Now, Halo 4, which is an improved version of Halo 3 is now out in India for Rs. 3,299. Microsoft has also unveiled a limited edition of Halo 4 which costs Rs. 4,599 in India.

Halo 4 for Microsoft Xbox 360 is released

Microsoft Studios, as far we know publishes most conceptual games to get addicted soon. Halo  4 is developed by 343 Industries. 343 has developed Halo 4 in a different manner which is much better than the previous version, Halo 3, 2 and 1. Halo Fans have already played previous versions. Halo 4 has become a latest feast to Halo Fans. Particularly, for Indians who celebrate festivals at this time, Microsoft has really given a feast to Indian Halo Fans. Really, I should say that Microsoft has given grand feast to Indian people. Not only the release of Halo 4 in India but also the grand release of Windows 8 has made Indians to talk about Microsoft than any other computer products.


The review of Halo 4 is quite good that it is much better than another popular game, Call Of Duty. The multi player feature offers a great way to chase the other experienced Gamers across the world. The game, though it is released for Xbox 360, people who don't have the gaming console is now ready to buy Xbox 360 to play Halo 4 which is much interesting than the other games with same genre.

What's your thought about Halo 4? Have you played Max Payne 3 or Call Of Duty? How do you rate Halo 4 out of 5 stars? Share your thoughts in comments here.

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    Is the game available in 3D

  • Karthick M.E says:

    an article on WATCH DOGS will be impressive game is based on hacking google it!!!!!!!!!!!1