4 Windows Apps To Get Train Availability, Schedule & PNR Status of Indian Railways

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There is always rush in ticket counters in India even after the introduction of online way of booking tickets. We people are still in traditional India and only few have seen the "Tech India" so far. Indians are always precaution about the risks and fraudulent activities that are popular on online web. This is the reason why people are still making use of offline system of booking system where they need to stand in queue by wasting precious productive time. Not only due to risks that exist on web but also they hate to book Tatkal tickets as the site used to book ticket fails to handle huge traffic at that particular time of booking. There are some Windows apps to get train availability, schedule and PNR status.

Some citizens are now using smartphone apps to view quick information about seat availability, PNR status and train schedule. Those apps are available for free and so, the services are made more mobile. After the introduction of Windows 8, apps for Windows 8 on Windows Store started to increase tremendously.

Windows Apps To Get Train Availability, Schedule & PNR Status


As a result, most of the Government departments which were never expected to have such technological features, is now providing apps for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Apart from the official release, there are also apps which provide updated details of Train Availability, Schedule and PNR status of Indian Trains.

IRCTC Official App

The most impressive thing that Indian Railway department did was, development of Windows 8 app to book tickets in ease. The official IRCTC app allows users to plan travel, check PNR status of booked tickets, cancel tickets and view booking history. The booking can be made really faster and easier when compared to the steps you do on your browser. The user interface is smooth and gives a friendly look.

Rail Mate

Rail Mate is another app for viewing information regarding train schedule, seat availability and check for PNR status. Rail mate is much faster than the other Indian Railway apps. The app is not developed by the government but by an Indian Gaurav Chauhan who has already created a QR code generator for Windows 8/8.1. Rail Mate app created by him is still in development and the developer has released version 2.0 which has cleared some bugs that existed in the previous version.

Rail Enquiry

This is a yet another same app as Rail Mate but the interface is attractive with cartoons and other animations. Rail enquiry can fetch you information regarding trains between stations, Seat availability and PNR status. City selection do have some issues with this app. Other features are working good on this app.

Rail Enquiry by Mayukh

This app gives detailed info about special trains and other express trains. The app has a feature to run in the background to notify you with updates. Rail Enquiry by mayukh allows you to save Trains, PNR numbers and other details to show you live tiles about PNR status, train running and required details of trains.

Do you use any of these apps on your Windows 8/8.1? Please do share with us so that let us know you review regarding those apps. if you have come across different apps for Indian Railways, then please do share with us in comments.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • Shoeb says:

    I have recently purchased the windows smartphone, as i used to travel regularly throughout the nation, so i was searching for any good application for my smartphone that shows my reservation status instantly. During the search i came across your article, after reading the whole review, i think i should try IRCTC Official App. Thanks for posting this valuable information.

  • This is a recently developed app that exactly predicts whether you will get a waiting list ticket . http://pnr.me/

  • Sunny says:

    I have used the app, it was really awesome app. Thanks for sharing this useful app with us.

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    Nice info this website helped me alot