Windows 8 to Hit the Market on Friday - October 26, 2012

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The most expected Windows Operating System, Windows 8 will arrive on October 26, 2012 in market. The Operating System looks to be more useful operating system for touch screen enabled computers. It acts as a good interface for tablet computers and looks great in Microsoft Surface. Windows 8 is is going to hit the market with most expected and surprised features for the customers. Though, people talk good about Windows 8, there are some guesses and rumors about Windows 8 too. After using the Release Preview of Windows 8, some of the users have been satisfied but still, some thinks that it won't get a better place in market.

Windows 8 Metro Style and Features

As far now, computer users have  grown well. Most of the people use a computer that runs on Windows XP and Windows 7 currently. They have already started to love Windows XP and Windows 7. To produce a good result on Windows 8, you might require a touch screen. But still, Windows 8 can run with a computer containing a normal monitor and a normal pointing device like mouse.


Windows is the king of all operating system. Though other operating system exists, people choose Windows Operating System as it provides an easy interface for users to work with their computer.

Why to choose Windows 8?

Windows 8 gives you a completely new interface for you to work with. The new start menu can keep you updated on all stuffs. From weather to social networking updates. All, can be viewed in a singled Start menu which gets updated automatically. The Start menu is a beautiful one where blocks of windows can give you updates. This style is officially known as the Metro Style. A user will start to love by seeing its interface. The features and functionality are quite good and improved than that of previous versions of Windows. We have to choose Windows 8 later even though some denies to buy now because, after some days, Microsoft might lose support for Windows 7. We all know, that Microsoft has already left the support for Windows Vista, Windows XP and other previous version of Windows.

What are the minimum requirements to install Windows 8?

Well, the all new Windows 8 doesn't need a high configured computer. Now a days, most of the people around the world might be having a computer where a Windows 8 operating system can work more efficiently. Below are the requirements for Windows 8 to install.

  • 1 GHz or Higher processor.
  • 1 GB of RAM is recommended if you are going to install a 32 bit version of Windows 8 whereas it requires 2 GB of minimum RAM size if you are going to install a 64 bit operating system.
  • A 32 bit Windows 8 operating system will require a minimum of 16 GB hard disk space whereas a 64 bit Windows 8 may require 20 GB of free space on your computer.
  • DirectX 9 supported Graphic device.

Does it have any special features?

Yes, a lot of features included in Windows 8. Sharing has become easy. When you are watching a video, you can just email a person side by side. Microsoft has added an App Store just like Mac App Store. Microsoft's App store have added numerous applications exclusively for Metro Style operating system, Windows 8. Language packs has been added sill more on Windows 8. It can be used in 37 languages. As said earlier, Windows 8 goes amazing for touch screen users, but still, users who don't use touch screens will also be able to use Windows 8 with all features added. The only difference is, there will be a pleasure while using Windows 8 with a touch screen enabled computers.

The cloud feature which was not integrated earlier on Windows operating system is now integrated in Windows 8. The Microsoft's SkyDrive which is a cloud service makes any user to share files on cloud server, thereby accessing their files on any computer across the globe.

The control panel now gives a ready search feature where, when you type, it just brings you the relevant settings in the screen. Start menu will show you the latest update. For example, if you receive an email from any of your contacts, you can just view the latest email in brief without even having to open your email client.

Is it worth to buy Windows 8?

It is quite worth to buy Windows 8 of all such added features in it. Microsoft had worked hard to bring out such operating system. If you have a computer with the configurations mentioned above as minimum, then you can buy Windows 8 to enjoy your computing experience. Your work is made more simpler than ever with Windows 8.

Do you recommend Windows 8? Share your comments here.

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