Windows 8.1 RTM Build for Developers is now Available

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After the success of Windows 7, Microsoft unveiled its new operating system, Windows 8 which really had a unique interface than the previous versions. People did not like the new interface in all new Windows 8 but not all disliked. The best feature in Windows 8 is, performance. Windows 8 starts at a greater speed and you can see a large difference in speed with a Solid State Drive (SSD) computers. Though the new operating system had various advantages, they lacked some feature  here and there. Microsoft tried hard to provide update periodically for Windows 8 but later, they have decide to release Windows 8.1 as a successor of Windows 8. The new operating system is still under Preview and now, Microsoft has announced Windows 8.1 RTM build for developers.

Windows 8.1 RTM for Developers

The main release of Microsoft Windows 8.1 RTM build is for MSDN users and TechNet subscribers. Initially, Microsoft decided to provide Windows 8.1 for developers during the general public release but may be, to improvise the operating system, they might have made coders to test the operating system. Microsoft already provides hardware manufacturers to test the operating system.


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Also, Microsoft has released the Visual Studio 2013 release candidate build and Windows Sever 2012 RTM for developers who develop using Microsoft platform.

Microsoft may release the all new operating system without any flaws which was experienced in Windows 8 and shall provide a flawless user interface. The security shall be improved a lot in Windows 8.1 and as the start menu is switched back to old, there should be an easier interface than Windows 8 had which made a difficult interface for users using mouse as pointing device.

What's your thought on Windows 8.1 RTM? Do the really serve big while releasing a stable version to the public? Moreover, Windows 8.1 is said to have the old styled Windows start menu. This start menu is almost loved by Windows users due to quick and easy way of navigation.

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