OS X El Capitan: Buggy Operating System of 2015

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Apple Forum has recorded the most discussion about the bugs about latest OS X release El Capitan. Even after several version updates on the same El Capitan, not major bugs have been resolved on the release. The problems faced by users after upgrading to El Capitan from Yosemite or any other OS X version have reported problems with applications and external devices. OS X El Capitan is the most buggy operating system of 2015.

El Capitan Buggy Operating System

OS X El Capitan has several new features that really makes the computing on a Mac easier. And Mac computers are often considered to be the most comfortable device to work with than any other operating system due to the user interface and also the hardware provided by Apple.


Not all applications that worked with Yosemite are working fine with El Capitan, people have reported in several threads in Apple forum. Also, some people have problems when they try to connect an external storage device or any other USB devices.

One of the major problem that are still not noticed by Apple is, AirDrop. Most of the users report that AirDrop works only 'sometimes'. When two Macs are close to each other and every necessities are turned on (Bluetooth and WiFi), the AirDrop in Finder doesn't detect the other Macs sometimes. So it has become difficult when users want to share files instantly on other Macs.

The next issue that people report on El Capitan after upgrading to Yosemite is, AirDrop's issue with Mac and iPhone. Mac to Mac works with AirDrop sometimes but Mac to iPhone with iOS 9.2 has never worked. Some users repeatedly report that they haven't seen AirDrop working since they bought their Mac.

Apple should really look on these issues that people are currently facing. In one of the forums, people have shown their fierce that if Jobs was alive, he would have kicked out the AirDrop team.

Selling such a high price device should have quality in it and also with regular and fast support. People spend a lot of these and not just the device. We hope Apple will consider these bugs in future and resolve them as soon as possible, may be in their next update.

Are you one of the El Capitan users? Do you face any issue with the release? Share your thoughts below.

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