No more Java on Apple [Recent Security Flaw]

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Recently, we heard a news that an update for Java contained a big security flaw which made hackers to get personal information of a Java user. Later, Oracle released an update to fix them. However, Java itself seem to vulnerable. Apple, as to protect their users from malware and other security threats through Java has decided to block Java on Apple computers. Java 7 Update 11 was the recent security update which removed the security bug from the previous update. That previous update contained to have major security vulnerabilities where Department of Homeland Security, United States asked people to disable Java on their web browsers.

Java on Apple is nomore

Most of blogs and websites contained information about this flaw which occurred a couple of week back. Most of the security attacks of last year was occurred only through Java. It stands at critical position on security. Oracle must really fix such security bugs and flaws. In this tech world, we see many cyber crimes occurring but Apple is much targeted these days than any other products. Apple lacks certain things behind it.  One of them is, the security but it works had to solve such issues but they don't seem to be a critical issue like what Java have.

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On all the user's Mac OS, Apple uses XProtect to block Java. Oracle told that they have released an update that fixed security issues on their product Java but still, Apple says they they haven't released a flawless version still. Apple suspects that Java still have major security flaws. Also, Java 7 Update 11 is an update which was developed as a "rush" just to fix the previous update but that doesn't seem to work. However, Java 7 Update 11 was fixed some of the major issues in the previous update.

Windows users too must know the seriousness about this issue. Microsoft does not officially provides any steps to protect their users from this big security issue but mostly, Windows users will be running their PCs with Anti Virus from a third party vendors. Antivirus or Antimalware vendors should come up to provide safety measures to prevent Java. This can protect user's computer more. But, a couple of weeks ago, most of the Antivirus updates included an update for this issue.

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