iOS 11 Features: Screen Recording, Customizable Control Center & More

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iOS 11 features make the iPhone and iPad more usable than ever. Apple, though did not bring any innovative improvements to the iOS, still specialises in making the features better than other competitors. After installing beta iOS 11 on my iPhone, I noticed several features that are new the iOS family. I have consolidated the features in this post.

1. Screen Recording

There is no need for connecting your iPhone or iPad with your MacBook to record your screen with QuickTime. Screen Recording comes in handy. You can start recording from your device directly and save to your Camera Roll on your Photos. Screencast videos have all editing options like trimming where you can shorten your video length from start or end.

Screen Recordings on iOS 11


2. Revamped App Store

App Store now looks full renovated and the user interface matches to the trend today. Apple is making apps to look similar. The revamped App Store follows the UI conventions of News app and Apple is matching the same standards to other apps too.

Revamped App Store for iOS 11

3. Instant Edit Screenshot

You can take screenshots and edit them instantly with iOS 11. The best thing is that you can capture series of screenshots and edit them all at once immediately, then save to your photo albums.

Edit Screenshot iOS 11

4. Improved Siri

In iOS 11, the voice of Siri sounds different, and it is much sexier than the previous voice. Also, Siri was able to follow the thread and answer based on the question asked previously. Siri has extended support for third party app developers so that Siri can do task what those apps are capable of doing.

5. Customized Control Center

Major improvement on iOS 11 is that you have a customised Control Center. Users can now add or remove items that you need to access quickly from Control Center. Good news for all iOS users is, you can switch on or off mobile data from Control Center. Previously, Apple did not provide an option for users to turn mobile data. Maybe, the feature was a dream earlier which is now fulfilled in iOS 11. Thanks, Apple!

Edit Control Center iOS 11


Customized Control Center on iOS 11

Mobile Data on Control Center on iOS 11


6. File Manager

File Manager. Yes, you read it right. File Manager comes to iOS 11. Files is the new app on iOS 11 that acts as a File Manager on iOS 11. Files behave like Finder app on Mac OS. The iCloud Drive is integrated into the Files. You can use Files to store items Documents and other data locally too. This is advantageous when you have a 128 GB or 256 GB iPhone.

Files File Manager on iOS 11


7. Improved Notifications View

iOS 11 provides an intelligent way of showing you notifications. The operating system can know you’ve read your notification or not. iOS 11 push old notifications down and show up notifications that you have not read. Once you’ve read, they will be pushed to recent notifications. You can swipe up any time on the lock screen or notification pane to display the old notifications.

Notifications on iOS 11

On iPhone 6 / 6 Plus or below, you need to long touch on notifications to reply. It just feels like your iPhone has got a 3D touch feature.

3D touch notifications iOS 11

8. Instant Access to iMessage Apps

While replying to your lover or friend through iMessage, you can send GIFS, emojis or other items from your favourite iMessage apps instantly. Apps come handy on your iMessage where you can tap immediately to send whatever you want.

Instant iMessage apps on iOS 11

9. Removal of Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Flickr Integration

This is one of the saddest news for an iOS user. Apple was having Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Flickr integration built-in with the operating system. In iOS 11, those integrations have been removed.

10. Dim or Brighten Flashlight

With iOS 11, you can now dim or brighten flashlight. Previously, the flashlight was only able to switch on or off the flashlight. Even third party apps did not have the ability to brighten or dim flashlight. Apple now integrates this feature into iOS 11. This is helpful when the battery is low and still we need a flashlight.

Dim or Brighten Flashlight iOS 11

11. Favourite Network Bars are Gone

Apple has removed the network bars that were showing in circles. Instead, Apple has replaced with the old network bars that existed on older iOS.

Network Bars on iOS 11

12. Calculator is Revamped

Calculator was revamped and the screen is not fully covered with orange touch buttons, instead it has got circles buttons. Moreover, Apple has revamped the keyboards and buttons everywhere.

Do you want to update to iOS 11? You can follow the steps on our previous article to download iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad. Let us know in comments whether you really liked the updates or not.

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