Ensure Smooth Streaming Of IPL 2014 Videos With These Cricket Apps

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Most of us always love to watch our favorite cricket teams playing their matches, but sometimes due to busy and hectic schedules we are not able to savor this wonderful dish of cricket called as an IPL Indian Premier League. As the IPL 2014 fever is rising nobody wants to miss their favorite match and one of the best ways to watch the upcoming 2014 IPL is through live streaming cricket apps.

The app market is flooded with these apps. But not all of these apps are good and only a few of them are able to make a mark. Here are some of those lovely and excellent live streaming cricket apps discussed in detail and how to ensure smooth streaming of IPL 2014 videos with these cricket apps.

Mobile apps for Smooth Streaming of IPL 2014


Always Follow Some Basics For Smooth Streaming Of Live Matches

  • The first and the main basic for ensuring smooth streaming of live matches are to have a smart phone with excellent processing qualities. A dual core or quad-core smart phone or tablet is good enough for live streaming of matches.
  • Apart from processing capabilities you also need to make sure that you have a high-speed internet or data connection from the telecom provider. For example a 3G or 4G connection if good for smooth streaming.
  • Always clear the cache memory of the smart phone or tablet. The next step is to make sure that delete all those unwanted and unused apps from the smart phone or tablet because these apps consumes extra space and makes the phone slow.
  • By following all these points you can ensure a smooth and consistent streaming of IPL 2014 videos.

Some Excellent Live Streaming Cricket Apps That Can Be Downloaded

  • The first app that is pretty good for live streaming is called as Cricbuzz Cricket Scores and News app. You can easily download this app from the respective app store and the installation procedure is also quite easy. One of the best parts about this app is that it is a free app and comes with loads of exciting features.
    Crickbuzz app for IPL 2014 videos
  • Another app that can be considered is called as Yahoo Cricket and is famous for providing very quick and live updates about latest cricket matches. You can also utilize its widget for watching the latest IPL 2014 match on your home screen. The interface is quite user-friendly and you can also gain information about the latest articles and news related to the cricket.
    Yahoo Cricket for IPL Live Streaming
  • The third most excellent live streaming app is called as Cricket Live Stream and the best part about this app is that there are no ads with this app. Available for Android based smart phones and tablets it allows you to use the push notifications and there is absolutely zero time consumed while loading of the matches and scores.

Though there are some more cricket live streaming apps that can be used, but the above mentioned apps are one of the best and must be utilized for the upcoming IPL 2014 season 7.

If you have any other apps to share, please comment below.

Author bio: Ravi Kumar is a technical writer and part-time blogger. He runs his own blog and admin of Ice Web Filter.

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