5 Best Voice Changing Apps for Android

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People buy Android for numerous free apps available in Android store. Not only due to free apps but also, those products ensure quality before it is sent to customer's hand. Android, one of the Google products is the most popular mobile operating system and we know about it. Have you ever used china mobiles? And, have you come across apps which changes the voice to a girl, baby or an elder man while we make a call or attend a call? These apps became popular on Android and also on other mobile operating system like iOS. The feature on china mobiles was called as "Magic Voice" which made the users to prank over people.

These applications not only makes fun but also sometimes goes serious. People believe that the voice is a real baby or someone they need to trust. Though these kinds of applications are not safe to use on a smartphone in terms of privacy, they still make us of it for playing pranks with friends. Now a days, as most of the people are aware of these predefined voices made by applications, they are quite cautious regarding these calls.

#1 Best Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer for Android 2.2 and up works great for fun and entertainment. It allows your voice to modulate in more than 5 different voices and also numerous male and female voices. It helps you to record a robotic voice or even a cat. Record a male voice of your girlfriend while she talks about a boring topic with you. Just play her the audio after you record. This app not only allows you to change the voice but also you can make your voice to change with respect to a place. For example, you can change your voice to a robot at a battle.


Best Voice Changer

#2 Voice Changer Calling

This app makes you to call your friend or someone in a cool voice which the developers says that a weird voice. There's been a good review on Voice Changer Calling but still few people have given some bad reviews about the app. The only con about this app is, you will need to buy credits for making calls over the app. besides this, the app is cool.

Weird Voice Changer

#3 Ultra Voice Changer

Ultra Voice Changer allows you to record your voice in 16 free voices. There are lot more voices for you to record but the applications demands some bucks to make you record with those voices.

Ultra Voice Changer App

#4 Funny Voice Changer

Funny Voice changer can work in two ways. That is, from voice to voice or text to voice. There are different voice pre-sets for you to make speeches out of it. It works on Android 2.2 and up.

Funny voice changer

#5 Change My Voice

Change My Voice, unlike other apps, they work in a phone call too. You may use this app to prank your friend over a phone call. The app comprises a lot of voice predefined voice styles for you to work with.

Voice Changing Apps for Android

Share your comments below. All these applications are available on Google Play Store where you can instantly search by name to find them.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • Ramesh Kumar says:

    i personally use funny voice changer to my android smartphone.And make fun of my friends.Thanks for share the alternatives...

  • Samar says:

    Useful post!
    Thanks for sharing all these apps with us!

  • Laura says:

    I need a rwal voice changer/cheater whick can change a woman's voice to a man's and a man's voice to a woman's or and also child andvother rwal female voices. Nit all thus funny, dummy sounds everywhere on the sites.

  • Laura says:

    I need a real voice changer/cheater which can change a woman’s voice to a man’s and a man’s voice to a woman’s or and also child and other real female voices. Not all this funny, dummy sounds everywhere on the sites. Thanks and more grease to your elbow

  • Emmalex Peters says:

    I hope this will work 4 my stuff.. If not I go kill who create this app OO..... Nigeria no they carry last.

  • abi says:

    Hai Frd how to get this apps for my android

  • Ani says:

    tell me the name of app by which i can change voice into female voice during call sothat listener can listen different voice.... i want to now about on call voice changer

  • amit says:

    Call vice soft

  • rajat says:

    I need a male voice changer app to female voice changer app during call automatic pls tell me best apps name

  • wasim says:

    I want real time work app like without recording for android. Thank you